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digital marketing calendar template

If your nonprofit is struggling to keep your digital priories organized, then you need a master digital marketing calendar. You don’t have to buy a fancy project management platform to set this up—Google Sheets is as good as anything to help you set your monthly marketing game plan. 

A digital marketing calendar gives you a place to align your cross-channel communications, plan out content and campaigns in advance, and track progress across major digital projects in a centralized place for your whole team to see. Luckily for you, Whole Whole has already done the work of setting up a comprehensive digital calendar template, and we’re willing to share. 

Our digital marketing calendar template includes: 

  • “Master” cross-channel marketing tab, for high-level alignment 
  • Editorial calendar tab 
  • Email calendar tab
  • Social calendar tab
  • Ad campaign calendar tab 


You can access this marketing calendar download with a Google account—once downloaded, make a copy of the template.


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