Plan Your Digital Strategy For 2024

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Course Summary

Students: 1,394 | Length: 2 hours

If you’re reading this, you made it through 2022! Time to prepare for a new year and take advantage of the latest digital marketing trends across media, site content, and more. This course will help you determine what you need for success.

  • Do you have a clear mission and vision statement? Set digital goals that are aligned with your organization’s objectives
  • Has your organic traffic improved YoY? Use the data to craft a content marketing strategy for the new year 
  • Do you have a good grasp on who your online audience is? Find demographic information in analytics to better understand your supporters
  • How can you find and retain donors after the giving season? Nurture donors through email and ads
  • What fundraising tactics make sense in the current climate? Get new, actionable ideas
  • How can you report your success effectively? Find stunning annual report inspiration
  • What should your nonprofit understand about Crypto donations?
  • What are the opportunities of working with GPT3 and AI tools?

2023 Planning for Nonprofits will help you answer all these questions and more. The course is completely free and we will recommend other courses you can consider to dive more in-depth to each topic. Let’s get started!

Course Overview

Here’s a quick preview of your course:

  • Lesson 1: Writing a Mission vs. a Vision Statement 
  • Lesson 2: Website Performance & Optimization
  • Lesson 3: How to View Organic Traffic Year over Year in Google Analytics
  • Lesson 4: Know Your Audience: 4 Ways to Measure Your Potential Market
  • Lesson 5: Content Marketing Tutorial for Nonprofits in 9 Minutes
  • Lesson 6: Find Donors Online by Building Your List
  • Lesson 7: Keep Your EOY Donors
  • Lesson 8: Online Fundraising Ideas Working During Covid
  • Lesson 9: Nonprofit Annual Report
  • Lesson 10: Nonprofit Discounts


And that’s it! We’re ready to dive in whenever you are!