The Nonprofit Organization’s Guide to Email Marketing

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Guide Summary

Students: 100 | Length: 1 hour

Are you appropriately leveraging the power of email to boost your organization’s impact? This guide, for beginners and advanced marketers alike, will walk you through all the essentials of running your organization’s email strategy. From lead generation to email segmentation to A/B testing, this guide is a one-stop-shop for bringing your email marketing strategy to the next level. 

You might be thinking— hold up, it’s the roaring ‘20s! Is email still a thing? We are here to tell you that yes, email is absolutely still a thing, and it has the potential to be a crucial part of your organization’s digital strategy. After all, more than half of every human on our beautiful planet has an email account!

Despite an era defined by fast-moving social media trends, email’s opt-in nature of permission marketing means that it has the potential to mean a return on investment of up to $42 for every $1 spent. This means you can expect more conversions and higher quality engagement from email than from other marketing efforts. In turn, conversions can mean resource downloads, clicks to your site, or — most importantly for many organizations — donations. In 2018, email accounted for 13% of all online revenue for nonprofits, so don’t ignore this piece of the pie chart!

What’s Inside

  • How to choose the right email tool for your organization
  • How to implement an appropriate email account structure
  • Techniques for generating new email leads with pop-ups and CTAs
  • Tactics for keeping your list clean and your subscribers engaged
  • Best practices for A/B testing emails
  • Use analytics to measure how email drives your organization’s conversions

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Note: Measuring how email drives traffic to your website requires access to your organization’s Google Analytics account! If Google Analytics is not installed on your site, follow these steps to place Google Analytics code on your site today (we recommend using Google Tag Manager to deploy the code).

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