Volunteers: Recruit, Retain, Manage

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Course Summary

Length: 1-3 hours

In the age of COVID-19 where nonprofits can’t hold typical in-person cultivation events and the online fundraising marketplace is increasingly crowded, nonprofits urgently need to recruit and retain committed supporters.

Volunteers who care enough about your mission to donate their time and energy are valuable assets for growing organic awareness of your organization. According to a 2019 statistic by the Independent Sector, volunteers contribute $203.4 billion to the United States through their time, talent, and effort. 

Volunteers are even more valuable if they can be retained and converted into donors. Online engagement opportunities are more important than ever to grow a base of supporters; nonprofits should seek to cultivate relationships through virtual activities to help boost volunteer retention and donor conversion.

In 2018, the average national volunteer rate was 65%, and 35.9% of all volunteer activities involved fundraising. Volunteers are potential donors and vice versa. Whole Whale’s Virtual Volunteer Tools Bundle provides resources on how to leverage volunteer relationships, create new engagement opportunities for existing supporters, and develop a donor pipeline. 

What’s Inside

  • Big picture managing and recruiting volunteers on VolunteerMatch
  • Download: Our list of the best volunteer recruitment websites and management software tools
  • 7 Virtual Volunteering Ideas
  • 10 Compelling Volunteer Retention Ideas
  • How to Measure Volunteer Impact
  • How to Recruit Volunteers

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