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Improving website user experience and accessibility means making it easier for more people to utilize your resources and take action on your website.

But what does it mean to have an accessible website? How do you make the right decisions about your website content, features, and functionality?

There are any number of tools available to gather data about user behavior on your site, and the field of user experience design continues to grow and to offer methods for listening to and learning from your site visitors. This is about more than just collecting data with Analytics. It’s about gaining a true understanding of user behavior, motives, and needs so that your website can meet those needs.

In this beginner’s tutorial led by Marcy Rye, Founder and CEO of Wire Media, you’ll uncover some of the challenges people face with non-accessible sites and the types of testing you can do to learn how your site performs. You’ll also learn the purpose of user research and testing and when and why to do it.

Lesson 1: Website Accessibility

You will

  • Understand the value of investing in making your more accessible
  • Know how to decide which types of accessibility testing to use
  • Learn how to fix some accessibility problems on your own, and know when you need to call in the experts

Lesson 2: User Experience and Testing

You will

  • Review different types of user testing methods that are out there and how you can do some of it yourself
  • See examples of projects that relied on user research and testing to drive the decision-making process and how that affected the outcome
  • Learn how to choose a UX vendor to help you handle some of the more complex testing and research methods
  • Understand the value of starting small, iterating often, and avoiding a major redesign as long as possible



In partnership with Wire Media

Wire Media is a user experience design agency with expertise in interactive storytelling for nonprofits, universities, and social impact companies.



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