A Nonprofit’s Guide to Social Media Graphics

We’ve all been there — your organization is set to launch a social media campaign, but you feel that your creative isn’t quite up to par. In a world where humans are bombarded with content, you have mere seconds to entice people to click, act, or give. 

It’s time for your organization to elevate the design of your digital campaigns, and this nonprofit social media design webinar includes everything you need to launch a smart, visually appealing campaign using the power of Canva. 

Stand out from the crowd with design tips that’ll make your nonprofit stand out! Launching a new fundraising campaign? How about a mission or brand awareness campaign? Join Whole Whale’s Technical Creative Director, Ann Nguyen, and Senior Marketing Associate, Kariesha Martinez, as they provide social media tips and design strategies that’ll make your next social media campaign pop.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to use the power of Canva to help your nonprofit create graphics that inspire action
  • How to create graphics that constitute good, resonant design
  • Ways to optimize your graphics to ensure that your design gives your audience a clear CTA
  • Best practices for creating graphics for advertising campaigns

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