Analyze This: Putting Analytics and Paid Promotion to Work with Atlantic 57

Dive deep into the details you need for successful metrics analysis and paid promotion campaigns.

Are your content marketing and advertising strategies working? What content should you be investing in with paid promotions like Facebook ads?

Media companies are experts at determining what content resonates with their audiences and has the highest return on investment. Stop throwing darts in the dark and take a page out of their book. Join Atlantic 57, the consulting and creative division of The Atlantic, and learn how they use analytics to make informed decisions about content and communications. Editorial Director Jason Tomassini will show you how Atlantic 57’s clients have increased their reach and impact using content and digital advertising. Plus, Digital Advertising Whaler Alison Glazer will help you use Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel to analyze what content is driving users to take action on your site.

You’ll learn how to

  • Choose what content to promote
  • Optimize your digital advertising strategy
  • Derive insights on ad campaigns with the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  • Track key performance indicators on your website