Cats Against Lung Cancer with NeonOne

Here’s some #NotFakeNews: Your hashtags aren’t enough to track storytelling effectiveness. In this webinar that combines case-study with strategic brass tacks in NeonCRM, we’ll look at how Lung Cancer Foundation of America went from an April Fool’s idea, #CatsAgainstLungCancer, to a clear and measurable digital engagement campaign with results to show for it. Digital Strategist Whaler Rachel Clemens and Neon One Director of Strategic Partnerships Tim Sarrantonio will show you how to identify concrete actions for users to take in a campaign and how those align with key performance indicators of moving their mission forward.


  • Understand the impact funnel logic model of marketing and how to set goals at 4 key stages of engagement
  • Go from out-there idea (e.g., #CatsAgainstLungCancer) to digital campaign with clear metrics to measure impact
  • Unpack the top key performance indicators that matter when creating your workflows and engagement campaigns