Cybersecurity for Nonprofits

Cybersecurity is a constant challenge for all organizations. People and organizations are faced with a virtual blizzard of new technology every day and, in trying to improve our organizations, we have to evaluate and adopt new technologies all the time. In this webinar Joshua Peskay, Vice President of Technology Strategy at RoundTable Technology, will walk you through the basics of cybersecurity: What do nonprofits need to know in 2018?

After covering fundamentals and risk assessment strategies, Joshua Peskay and Chief Whaler George Weiner will dive deeper into the practical applications, answering questions like:

  • What are the greatest threats?
  • What can nonprofits do to mitigate risk?
  • What should nonprofits prioritize?
  • What do nonprofits need to know about GDPR?
  • and more!

Whether you are an IT professional or an “accidental techie,” this webinar will help you to better understand and improve cybersecurity at your organization.