Double the Donation Expert Series: ​​​​​​​A/B Testing

Hosted by Double the Donation

A/B testing is a design practice that tests two different versions of a piece of content with your audience, and then measures the performance. Testing different newsletter signups, donation forms, and landing pages can lead to a dramatic increase in conversions. But who has the time? Even if we did have the time, the truth is we don’t have a real approach for testing our messaging and website. It’s time to stop throwing darts in the dark and get excited about the quick, practical ways you can test your forms and landing pages. Join Design Whaler and Head of NY Ann Nguyen and the Double the Donation team to learn the theory behind A/B testing and get actionable tips for running your own tests. If you love a little competition, this webinar is for you.


  • Theories behind digital motivation to test
  • Ideas for what to test on your forms & website that will increase engagement
  • Case studies on A/B tests so you can see what’s worked for other nonprofits
  • Tips to design a test that works and track results
  • The right tools to use