Getting to Know Your Donors: Strategies for Email Personalization

The magic of email is all in the fact that your donors invited you into their inboxes — but in return they expect you to know who they are. According to a 2021 McKinsey survey 71% of users expect personalization and 76% are frustrated when they don’t get it. But how do you collect enough information to personalize your email — especially with increased privacy protections? In this webinar, we’ll discuss strategies for getting to know your donors so you can send them campaigns they’ll care about. 

Join Whole Whale’s digital optimization manager, Maura Paxton, to dive into ways to better understand your donors and use that information to create more effective campaign strategies.

In the one-hour webinar we’ll cover:

  • How to send effective surveys to your donors
  • The role of email personalization in your end-of-year giving campaigns
  • The difference between first, second, and third party data and what that means for your email 
  • The current landscape of data privacy and the user demand for it


Maura Paxton

Digital Optimization Manager

Maura is passionate about growing the impact of nonprofits by connecting people to organizational vision through engaging digital experiences. She uses testing, user experience design, and audience-driven content creation to hone in on the most effective web and email strategy for non-profit marketing. 

Before diving into the world of nonprofit marketing, Maura did a tour on the Rock teaching youth programs on Alcatraz Island with the National Park Service, served with the Colorado Reading Corps AmeriCorps program, and lead youth programs in a community botanical garden. Her experience in education informs her design strategies as she works to deliver content in the most interesting and engaging fashion possible.

She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz where she studied Modern Literature with a French Intensive. Outside the office, Maura spends her time baking, running, leash-training her cat, and attempting to race cyclocross.