How to Optimize the Google Ad Grant in 2018

We want to help you spend $120,000 in Google’s advertising money this year. You can unlock this potential through the Google Adwords Grant for Nonprofits, which will help you bring in traffic to your nonprofit’s website and amplify your digital impact. Google recently announced policy updates to this program that could impact your organization’s account. Whether you are new to AdWords, or have had the grant for years, this webinar will help you to get, keep, manage, and optimize your grant this year.

Do not let this free money go to waste! Join Digital Advertising Whalers Alison Glazer and Jasmine Cordew as they walk you through:

  • The new policy updates for 2018
  • How to qualify and apply for the grant
  • How to set up an awesome account from scratch
  • Strategies for optimizing the account over time given recent changes

When you finish this hour-long webinar, you will be able to use AdWords to:

  • Drive more leads
  • Gain more volunteers
  • Garner more supporters
  • Capitalize on your existing content
  • Spread awareness about your cause