Using Analytics to Answer: What are people doing on my website? With TechSoup

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. Behind the scenes, Google Analytics runs on every single page of your site. How much time do people spend on your site? How much time do they spend reading a specific article? What do they click? What location of the site do they go to? Google Analytics answers all of those questions, and many more, to ensure that your nonprofit can optimize its impact.

Google Analytics 101: Using Analytics to Answer: What are people doing on my website?

There is more data available to organizations than ever before in history on Google Analytics alone. This workshop will show how organizations use this FREE, powerful tool to understand how donors and stakeholders are using online resources. More importantly, attendees will learn how to turn this information from ‘so what’ to ‘now what’ and take action to improve engagement.

The challenge is using the right data to inform decisions and drive toward measurable goals. Simply collecting this information is not enough, this session will offer a process and approach for turning information into action. It will also address the cultural shift that needs to happen in organizations to develop a data culture.


  1. How to implement this powerful tool within a nonprofit at all levels
  2. Learn how to use Google Analytics to track social, content, and online user behavior in order to drive action.
  3. Tips on adding data driven goals to your organization and programs.
  4. Industry best practices and ideas based on real web data to improve any website