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Asia Society is the leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders, and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context.


The Challenge

Asia Society has a global network with offices all over the world and needed help aligning this network — as well as the Society’s internal departments — on metrics that matter through both Google Analytics and a Google AdWords strategy.

What we did

Over the course of 6 months, Whole Whale worked with Asia Society in the context of several digital services, including Google Analytics implementation and configuration, Google AdWords strategy, and SEO. 

Google Analytics

Our work in Google Analytics emphasized digital goal setting, building dashboards, and configuring custom reports. We helped the Asia Society team learn more about how advanced goal attribution and streamlined analytics reporting contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between traffic and impact. We were able to build 33 dashboards across Asia Society GA properties and views so that every department received the metrics that matter straight to their inbox. We then held mini-trainings with each department throughout the organization (and around the world!) to get them up to speed on these new dashboards.

Google AdWords Grant

We were able to maximize Asia Society’s AdWords grant within one month of management. After we reached max spend, we optimized their account for engaged audiences that were more likely to complete the new Google Analytics goals we set up. We then put together an AdWords strategy for Asia Society’s global network so that every affiliate could maximize and optimize their accounts.

Search Engine Optimization

During a Search Engine Optimization audit, Whole Whale identified over 30,000 404s that had gone unspotted . We then gave them an implementation plan to fix these technical SEO issues which allowed Asia Society to drastically reduce the number of 404s.


“Our engagement with Whole Whale was great. Asia Society serves audiences across disciplines and around the world, and our website traffic reflects this. We partnered with Whole Whale to get a better grasp on what we were missing in our digital strategy and how we could improve our data analysis. They did their homework — auditing and updating our existing Google Analytics configuration, doing a deep dive into our website’s traffic trends, and conducting staff interviews and surveys. Once they better understood our institutional goals they created streamlined metrics reporting for all our stakeholders, ramped up our Google Adwords to fully capitalize on our Google Grant, revisited our email marketing strategy, conducted staff training, and made recommendations about the metrics that should matter most for our organization. Their enthusiasm is contagious and depth of knowledge is invaluable!”

– Megan MacMurray, Associate Director of Technology, Asia Society (November 2017)

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