What is the Inclusivity Crawler?

The Inclusivity Crawler is a tool that scrapes a URL that you input and analyzes the text on the page. For organizations interested in an entire domain or multiple sites the Inclusivity Crawler can generate a full-site report.

This report will assess the total flagged and warning level language across the site and give a full list of the pages for an editorial team to review. This type of report is best for organizations working with professional DEI Consultants.

When do you need a crawl?

Relaunching a website involves a lot of content review, writing, and migration. Content written years or even a decade ago may not match the current language tone of the day. By using the Inclusivity Crawler an organization can check an entire site for language that may be offensive or noninclusive during the dev process and post-launch.

Ask for an Inclusive Language audit in your next website project.