A Helpful List of DEI Companies and Consultants


When Whole Whale started our search for a DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) consultant we weren’t sure where to start, which meant turning to Google. The truth is link rank and semantic relevance engines actually are a really poor way to find a good fit for something nuanced and important. 

The following is a list of DEI companies and consultants that we either found or were referred to us by reputable sources and clients. Note that this is not exhaustive and we hope to continue to grow this list. 

The following list of DEI consultants also have experience working with nonprofits and social impact organizations. Finding the right match depends on many factors including team size, length of engagement, internal needs, budget and confidence that they will meet your organization at the level where it is. 

If you are interested in checking your site for inclusive language, Whole Whale has developed a free tool that can check your site.

Larger DEI Companies

These are DEI consulting companies that have more than 10 employees and tend to work with larger companies. Though many have DEI resources for companies of all sizes. 


Website: Hello-Collective.com

From their website: Collective partners with teams and organizations who want to build a culture that attracts, engages, and retains underrepresented talent. Our first step is acknowledging that this is an overwhelming process. Right after that, we dive in with honesty and humility so you can too. Whether you already know what you need to focus on, or aren’t quite sure how to define the task at hand, Collective’s team will co-create a plan with you.

Racial Equity Institute

Website: https://www.racialequityinstitute.com/ 

From their website: “Our process is designed to help leaders and organizations who want to proactively understand and address racism, both in their organization and in the community where the organization is working. The Racial Equity Institute, LLC process is just that: an 18-month to two-year process.”

The Management Center

Website: https://www.managementcenter.org/

From their website: “We want to see more social change in this country. We know that producing it is hard. Disparities in money and power mean that social justice advocates need to fight not just as effectively as their opponents, but more effectively. That’s where The Management Center comes in: we help social justice leaders learn how to build and run more effective, equitable, and sustainable organizations so that they can get better results.”

The Nova Collective

Website: https://www.thenovacollective.com/

From their website: “Nova is a black-owned, women-owned company devoted to transforming organizational cultures. Nova works with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Supplier Diversity (SD) leaders to build equity and achieve meaningful change, no matter where they are on the DEI journey.”

true north EDI

Website: https://www.truenorthedi.com/

From their website: “We work across spheres to develop the practices, policies, and beliefs of professional communities. We facilitate workshops and trainings, coach and develop teams and leaders, and consult and support systems-level change.”

She + Geeks Out

Website: https://shegeeksout.com/
From their website: ”We believe it’s necessary to take a holistic approach to addressing this need. We provide tech and tech-adjacent womxn and their allies an opportunity to network, learn, and connect with each other as well as with companies who want to hire them. At the same time, we support companies in their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and tools to create an inclusive environment, in a safe and welcoming space.”

Mid-Sized DEI Companies

DEI consulting companies with 2 to 10 employees. These companies also have great resources for companies of any size. 

Becoming Better Together

Website: https://www.becomingbettertogether.com/

From their website: “BBT is a collective of coaches and consultants. We work with brave individuals and powerful organizations to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures that achieve their biggest goals.”

Hyphens and Spaces

Website: https://hyphensandspaces.com/

From their Website:  “we leverage diversity, build equity, and cultivate inclusion for people in organizations dedicated to furthering social causes and justice. We believe that by empowering the people who are striving to create a more equitable world, we can increase their net impact and multiply the good. In short, we care for and serve those who do this work so that they can care for and serve others. Our primary tools for initiating meaningful change include consulting on processes, offering learning programs, facilitating conversations, as well as coaching.”

Envisioning Equity

Website: https://www.envisioningequitywork.com

From their website: “There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to incorporating equity, diversity and inclusion. Organizations will approach this work in different ways, for different reasons. We determine the right approach for the most effective and impactful outcomes leading to transformation.”

Equity and Results

Website: https://www.equityandresults.com/

From their website: “We have powerfully joined Racial Equity Principles with a Results-Based Framework to transform your organization’s culture and actions to deliver racially equitable results.”

Red Lotus

Website: https://www.red-lotus-consulting.com/

From their website: “Working with you to support your personal and organization’s commitment to equity, justice, and inclusion.”


Website: https://www.developwell.org/

From the website: “DevelopWell brings an innovative and holistic approach to developing people, teams, and culture in mission-driven organizations and companies.

With years of experience and expertise in organizing, start-ups, tech companies, and social-change organizations, we ensure that our clients are applying the best practices that will allow their teams to achieve their full potential.”

2 Brown Girls

Website: http://2brwngirls.com/
From their website: “Two Brown Girls Consulting Cooperative helps organizations transform at the individual, group and institutional levels. We work with organizations to build their capacity to live out their mission and professed values in ways that enliven and excite them.

We imagine a world where leaders are plentiful and developed with intention, organizations’ work explicitly builds capacity and power within communities forced to the margins, and where organizations get to actualize their mission in ways that are dynamic and transformative. We are not just facilitators or consultants–we are co-conspirators in your organization’s transformation.”

Small Companies 

These are DEI consulting companies with 1 listed person on staff. These companies have great blogs and resources around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for companies. 

Embolden Action LLC

Website: https://www.emboldenaction.com/
From their website: “Our approach to community engagement, systems change, and diversity, equity & inclusion is collaborative and effective in maximizing strategies and tools for success. We challenge you to make a bold actionable approach to identifying the conditions that support successful change. We build community with our clients by focusing on internal success and their role within the organization and community systems. “

Big 2Go

Website: https://big2go.com/

From their website: “Big 2Go is your destination for personal and organizational wellness. We offer wellness advising services, workshops, team retreats, and wellness journals, designed to help you enhance your inner well-being.”

YJLaurent Consulting

Website: https://yjlconsulting.com

From their website: YJLaurent Consulting is a diversity, equity & inclusion and talent management consulting firm providing transformative strategic talent and organizational development solutions. We drive sustainable and measurable outcomes through thought leadership, coaching and personalized strategic solutions in an effort to create more equitable and inclusive environments.

Culture Cipher

Website: http://culturecipher.org/
From their website: “Culture Cipher Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that focuses on building inclusive environments across industries. We know that the more an organization mirrors the diverse landscape in which we live, clients will design better products, provide better services, and ultimately, build a better world.”


Website: http://communityconnective.com/
From their website: “If you are wondering “Should I work with Heidi Massey?” consider the following questions: Does your organization need help with capacity building, equity/diversity/inclusion, or professional development?

Is your organization ready to become an anti-racist nonprofit?”

DEI Consultants & Freelancers

Coming soon! 

A note on adding a resource

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