161: Don’t Worry, Individual Giving is Down – Sherry Quam Taylor

Individual giving in 2018 declined 1.1% (adjusted inflation 3.4%) according to the annual Giving USA Trends report.  Should we worry?

Sherry Quam Taylor works with small to medium-sized nonprofits to jump-start their fundraising, aiding the transition from small individual donations to large foundational gifts. Tune in as we investigate the current paradox in giving trends, the importance of data-backed figures, and how to really run your nonprofit like a business.  

Spoiler alert: the sky is not falling.     

Sherry Quam Taylor teaches nonprofit leaders how to pivot from small-dollar donations to securing larger, investment-level donations so they can finally fund their missions. The leaders she works with are experts in their field, but when it comes to individual donor fundraising, they’ve simply never been trained on how to do it, so it feels uncomfortable and frustrating. She helps them learn the exact steps to launch a mid- and major level gift program that feels comfortable involves less dread, and fully funds their mission for the long-haul. She does this nationally through her private coaching and her 90-day LET’S GROW fundraising accelerator.  


Website: www.QuamTaylor.com Sherry’s 90-Day LET’S GROW Fundraising Accelerator: www.QuamTaylor.com/letsgrow