177: The 7 Elements of a Primal Brand (reprise)

We have been seeing elements of the 7 elements of the primal brand everywhere and so we went back to a great episode with Patrick Hanlon the author of Primal Branding and is the CEO and founder of THINKTOPIA, a global brand and strategic innovation practice for Fortune 100 clients.

The seven elements of the Primal Brand Code we discuss from his book:

  1. Creation Story
  2. Creed
  3. Icons
  4. Rituals
  5. Pagans
  6. Sacred Words
  7. Leader

While you don’t need all of them, the most successful brands do have these elements. Also, consider how these seven components can be used in building the community behind your podcasts and video content. These elements are critical in moving from information delivery to something people believe in and follow.

The book Primal Branding on Amazon