#GivingTuesday (news) & What happens when Nonprofit boards fail?

The Associated Press reports on the increasing importance of GivingTuesday for nonprofits, especially amid concerns of declining donations. GivingTuesday, which began as a hashtag in 2012, has grown into a significant fundraising event where many nonprofits leverage matching campaigns to maximize donations. The end of the year traditionally sees a surge in charitable giving. The AP notes that organizations like Fidelity Charitable are optimistic about end-of-year donations, contrasting with the National Council of Nonprofits’ concerns over falling support and a general decline in the number of Americans donating. Whole Whale, the publisher of this newsletter, predicts approximately $3.45 Billion in predicted donation revenue for nonprofits this Giving Tuesday, based on an analysis of historical trends and movements in search volume. In addition to traditional fundraising vehicles, observers are acutely paying attention to trends in alternate forms of giving, especially crypto donations, like those fueled by platforms such as Whole Whale partner The Giving Block.

Warren Buffett donates $870 million to charities ahead of Thanksgiving | CNN

Billionaire Warren Buffett has donated approximately $870 million in Berkshire Hathaway shares to four family-run foundations, continuing his annual philanthropic tradition. The donation, echoing last year’s gesture, is part of his long-standing commitment against dynastic wealth and in support of societal benefits through capitalism. Despite being 93, Buffett remains at the helm of his company, which is thriving with robust earnings and a record cash reserve.

Who Are the New OpenAI Board Members and What’s Changed?


OpenAI recently underwent significant changes in its board composition following a tumultuous period marked by the firing and subsequent rehiring of CEO Sam Altman. This upheaval led to the dismissal of three board members: Ilya Sutskever, Tasha McCauley, and Helen Toner, with the latter two being the only women on the board. Their departure was a consequence of a failed board coup against Altman. In their place, Bret Taylor and Larry Summers have been appointed​​. This shift represents a notable change in the board’s gender diversity and reflects the broader dynamics at play within the company and its controlling interests.

One Love Foundation: Major donor sues citing founder’s opposition to minority, LGBTQ outreach

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A major donor is suing the One Love Foundation, claiming that the Baltimore-based nonprofit, which has educated 2 million young people about relationship violence, has breached an agreement and is in “disarray” due to the actions of one of its founders.

The lawsuit asserts that Sharon Love, who created One Love after her daughter, University of Virginia senior Yeardley Love, was killed by an ex-boyfriend in 2010, fought against One Love’s “outreach to LGBTQ and minority communities” and threatened to fire board members who disagreed with her, prompting nearly all board members and the organization’s CEO to resign earlier this year.