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Earth Repeatedly Sets Record For Hottest Day Ever Recorded, Underpinning Urgency of Protecting Vulnerable Communities

Data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the University of Maine show that the period of July 3, 2023 through July 6, 2023 are the four hottest days ever recorded on Earth. Thursday, July 6, set the newest record when the global average temperature climbed to an unprecedented 17.23°C (63.02°F), 1.02°C (1.8°F) above the average for the date, according to NOAA data reported by Axios. Among higher temperatures, increased climate-related disasters, and other extreme weather phenomena, rights organizations note the disparate effect of such emergencies on people with disabilities and the elderly. While urban centers like New York City operate cooling centerscommunity environmental organizations criticize them as inadequate. The World Health Organization estimates that extreme heat in Europe is estimated to have killed over 15,000 people in Europe last summer. The Coalition for the Homeless provides a guide on helping vulnerable neighbors stay safe during extreme heat. Climate change has also exacerbated climate-related emergencies like drought and famine in humanitarian contexts around the world.
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