4 Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Use Google Analytics

Why the hell should a nonprofit organization pay attention to Google Analytics? It makes much more sense then you think it does. In this training video we highlight the 4 most important reasons why nonprofits should use Google Analytics.

1. Anecdotal Reports Can Be Misleading

Have you ever been driving on a highway, and noticed a “How am I driving? Call us…” sign on one of the cars? Can you actually trust the testimonials of those who take the trouble to call in? The driver may very well have bribed the callers with popcorn! Testimonials make for good stories but are don’t necessarily reflect the truth. This is where Google Analytics comes in handy. Turn to GA to find out what’s going on “behind the screens” at your non-profit organization.

2. Google Analytics Counts Everything

Think Big Brother. Behind the scenes, Google Analytics runs on every single page of your site. How much time do people spend on your site? How much time do they spend reading a specific article? What do they click? What location of the site do they go to? Google Analytics answers all of those questions, and many more.

3. Improve Content That’s Working

“What is our most popular content?” Inside of Google Analytics there’s a list of all of your top content based on traffic. This helps you look at what’s working. You can look at it, analyze it, and based on that, create more of what your audience wants to see.

4. Measure The “ROI” Of Your Communication

I know you’re a little tired of it and hear it all the time – “What’s the ROI of our social media. What’s the ROI of our website?” etc. Google Analytics helps you measure that! You can set up specific goals and count them. For example, every time somebody hits the subscribe button, or donates money, Google Analytics counts it.
If you are looking for some help (what data should I be looking at?) or want to improve your Google Analytics setup download Whole Whale’s Ultimate Nonprofit Dashboard Startup Pack.

Thank you for reading and watching our videos – we create these for free in the hopes that they find their way to the marketing and content creators at nonprofit organizations. Anything you can do to share these with the sector is deeply appreciated!