Short Video Made Simple With AI + Canva Bulk Create

Generative AISocial Media

Short videos are exploding on platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. As a nonprofit, you likely want to tap into this trend to raise awareness and engage new audiences. But creating a high volume of quality short videos can be time-consuming. In this article, I’ll show you how to use AI and Canva’s bulk create tool to simplify and accelerate your short video production. 

Step 1: Use AI to Generate Your Video Content

The first step is generating the raw content for your short video scripts. You can do this manually, but AI tools make it much faster.

I recommend using an AI assistant like Anthropic’s Claude,, or Openai. Feed it some seed data relevant to your nonprofit and prompt it to turn it into a trivia quiz. For example, you can input a list of high-earning nonprofit executives and have the AI generate quiz questions around guessing each person’s compensation.

The AI will instantly output properly formatted trivia questions and multiple-choice answers in a spreadsheet. You now have unique video content tailored to your nonprofit, with almost no effort on your part.

Make sure to note that you want a table output so you can quickly move it to a spreadsheet to do a little clean-up.

Step 2: Import the AI-Generated Content into a Canva Template

Next, head over to Canva and find a suitable short video template. Search for things like “trivia quiz video” to find templates with animated quiz graphics and text elements.

Open the template and click on Bulk Create. Upload the AI-generated spreadsheet. Canva will automatically map the columns of data to the text elements in the template.

Double check the mapping is correct, then hit Create to rapidly build versions of the template for each row of your spreadsheet. Here is a look at a customized video layout we created.

Step 3: Download and Customize Your Videos

Once Canva builds all your short video drafts, download them individually. Tweak each one slightly if needed to perfect the look and feel.

The hard work of creating the content and basic structure is done. Now you can focus on the finishing touches to polish your videos before publishing.

Automate More Creative Work with AI (so you can be more creative)

This combination of AI content generation and Canva bulk templates can be applied to all kinds of nonprofit short videos.

Imagine churning out hundreds of videos by pulling your organization’s facts and figures into engaging quiz show or trivia formats. Or using supporter testimonials as commentary for “person on the street” style videos.

The more data you feed the AI to work with, the more unique content it can produce. Take advantage of these tools to take your short video productivity to the next level. 

Ideas for Nonprofits to Bulk Create Short Videos

  1. Animal Species Quiz: For animal welfare nonprofits, you could create a quiz where participants have to match the animal species with the correct organization that protects them.
  2. Disease Fact Quiz: For disease-focused nonprofits, you could create a quiz with facts about the disease they are focused on. Participants would have to guess if the facts are true or false.
  3. Animal Rescue Stories: Share a brief story of an animal rescue and have participants guess which organization was responsible for the rescue.
  4. Disease Symptom Match-Up: Participants could be asked to match the disease with its corresponding symptoms. This can also serve as an educational tool to increase awareness about different diseases.
  5. Guess the Breed: For animal welfare groups, post pictures of different animal breeds and have participants identify them. This could be particularly useful for organizations focused on specific breeds.
  6. Medical Breakthroughs Quiz: For disease-focused groups, create a quiz about medical breakthroughs related to their cause. Participants could guess the year of the breakthrough or the organization that made it.
  7. Famous Animal Ambassadors: For animal welfare nonprofits, a quiz could revolve around famous pets or animals associated with their cause, asking participants to match the animal with the organization.
  8. Innovative Treatments: For disease-focused nonprofits, a quiz could involve matching the organization to one of its key innovative treatments or research initiatives. This would help educate people about the impactful work these organizations are doing.