Top AI writing tools and how they will redefine your work

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Prediction: in 5 years using an AI writing tool that will be trained on your style and tone will become the standard. In the same way that 5 years ago it was hard to imagine that you’d be using tools like Slack and ZOOM daily, we see this shift as inevitable. 

Please humor the following thought experiment: if you wanted to beat Micheal Phelps in a race across a lake, what would you do? 

Train like a champion, diet, exercise, or take performance-enhancing supplements? 

Even doing all of these things perfectly wouldn’t give you a chance against the world’s best swimmer. The way to beat Phelps in this race is to use human-assisted tech, put another way, we’d buy a jet ski and cruise to victory. 

AI software writing tools are like jet skis, they give a human-assisted tech advantage to anyone that knows how to ride them. Many AI writing tools are already built into our work but the real game-changers are still developing with advances in GPT3 that allow large amounts of text to be analyzed and written. 

Wait, what is an AI writing tool?

AI writing tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence to help you write better. They can help you with everything from grammar and spelling to style and tone. AI writing tools are still in their infancy, but they are already very good at helping you with grammar and spelling. In the future, they will get even better at helping you with style and tone.

More sophisticated tools can actually write larger sections of text based on prompts in a way that mimics the style they are trained on. These types of tools are mostly built on top of GPT3 (General Pre-Trained Transformer) which is a machine learning platform that enables developers to train and deploy models that perform a variety of natural language processing tasks.

GPT3 has been used by a number of companies, including Microsoft and OpenAI, to develop writing tools. It is also been built into Software tools like,, and others.  

The benefits of using an AI writing tool

If you are not already using an AI writing tool, you will be soon. In 5 years, AI writing tools will be ubiquitous. They will be used by everyone from students to CEOs. It is important to note that these tools won’t do all of the work for you, they are human-assisted and there is an art to working with them. In the same way that just sitting on a jet ski won’t make it go, there is way to drive these tools in a way that will help you in three key ways:

1. AI writing tools will make you more productive

AI writing tools can help you research, write and edit faster. They can also help you generate ideas and structure your thoughts. As AI writing tools get better, they will become increasingly essential for anyone who wants to create online content and communications. 

Let’s say you hit a writer’s block, simply drop your work into an AI Software writer and see what the engine thinks should come next! 

2. AI writing tools will make you a better writer

AI writing tools can help you improve your grammar, spelling and style. They can also give you feedback on your writing so that you can learn from your mistakes. As AI writing tools get better, they will become increasingly essential for anyone who wants to be a better writer.

In the same way that the best chess player in the world is a computer-assisted player, the best writers can be made even better with these powerful tools (Why Computer-Assisted Humans Are The Best Chess Players And What That Means For Technology Operations).

3. AI writing tools will help you communicate better

AI writing tools can help you communicate more effectively by understanding the way people read and process information. They can also help you design more effective communication strategies. As AI writing tools get better, they will become increasingly essential for anyone who wants to communicate better.

Some people are much better as editors, there is something powerful about getting to see the work written in a certain way to inspire what needs to be tweaked. 

AI Writing Software Tools is an AI writing software that helps you write better and faster by automating research and giving you personalized feedback.


  • Automates online research so you can focus on writing.
  • Gives you real-time, personalized feedback on your writing so you can improve your skills.
  • Fast and easy to use so you can get started writing right away.

Pricing: $49/month for up to 35,000 words per month is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you improve your writing. It provides real-time feedback on your writing, suggests corrections for grammar and style, and gives you insights into your writing habits.


  • Uses advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help you write better, faster.
  • Gives you real-time feedback on your writing, including suggestions for improving clarity, engagement, and style.
  • Helps you edit and revise your work by suggesting alternative phrasing and word choices.

Pricing: Free for 10 credits per month is a website that provides an online AI writing tool. The tool can be used to write articles, blog posts, and even books. The user simply has to enter a topic and the software will generate a well-written article on the topic.


  • Machine learning: AI software gets smarter the more you use it. It analyzes your writing style and makes suggestions accordingly.
  • Personal assistant: AI software can help you with research, organization, and even proofreading.
  • Improved productivity: AI software can help you write faster and improve your focus.
  • Collaboration: AI software can help you collaborate with others on projects, making writing a team effort.

Pricing: Free for up to 5000 characters per month

Peppertype is an AI software that helps you improve your writing. It gives you real-time feedback on your grammar, style, and spelling. It also provides you with a dictionary, thesaurus, and other writing tools.


  • Generates text by repurposing content from other sources
  • Can mimic the writing style of a specific author or publication
  • Helps you come up with ideas for articles by suggesting topics based on your interests

Pricing: $25 per month for up to 50,000 words per month

AI Writing tool FAQs

Is this just stuff copied from the internet and duplicate content?

Nope. It is a neural net trained on the entire internet up to 2019, this category of Natural Language Processor – GPT3 (General Pre-Trained Processor) is creating each word based on probability settings. 

Example of a response showing these probabilities. 

Wait, does Google penalize AI writers?

They say it technically violates a dated policy, but they have no way to detect this when used properly as a writing assistant. Our stance is that if the tool is used as a writing assistant to create quick drafts and refine the writing process it will be considered acceptable use in the same way that automated writing already works in Google autocomplete…

QA with Google Devs  April, 2022: Google Says AI Generated Content Is Against Guidelines 

Will this AI writing software take my job?

Maybe… The answer to this question depends on how much creativity is involved and the type of writing work you do. Big picture is no, especially if you learn to use this tool to become a better writer. Here is a fun podcast of the CEO of Whole Whale interviewing an AI version of himself.

A Final Thought 

AI tools can be useful for organizations that need to produce a lot of content quickly and efficiently. They offer increased efficiency, allowing you to produce content faster and efficiently. They improve quality, helping you catch errors and typos that humans might miss.

That said, if left unchecked AI can have drawbacks. They can’t replicate the creativity of human writers. Just like humans, AI writing tools are still susceptible to making mistakes, so you’ll need to proofread and edit your content before publishing it. They also require some training to use effectively, just like learning to ride a jet ski.

If you’re considering using an AI writing tool, give one of the tools we listed in this article a try. Remember, these tools are great for messy first drafts and take some editing and thought to get the most out of them. If you believe our prediction of how these tools will be adopted is even remotely reasonable, it might make sense to be ahead of this curve given the upside potential. 

If you’re ready for something more sophisticated that is trained and purpose-built for your organization, give us a shout.