List of 19+ Nonprofits to Follow for Twitter Inspiration

Social media can be a ton of fun. But some days, it can feel like a ton of work to come up with great things to post or find new ways to grow your Twitter following. On those days, it’s a good idea to give those thumbs a rest, put your feet up, and check out what others are doing to get re-inspired. May we present to you: a list of nonprofit Twitter accounts that make us swoon.

These nonprofits give us #TwitterEnvy for their mastery of the platform, unique approach, and willingness to try out some offbeat tactics. And in case you’re thinking it takes big bucks to win on Twitter: every single nonprofit on this list has an annual revenue under $1 million and over 20 million followers. How’s that for a follower-per-dollar ratio?!

Some themes we notice among these Nonprofit Twitter stars:

  • They share human stories. Stats, numbers, and factoids are great, but adding a face and name to their cause drives huge engagement.
  • They bring data to life with visualizations. It’s no secret that people love pretty stuff. We especially love the colorful, whimsical images National Aquarium tweets.

National Aquarium tweet about Arctic Sea Ice

  • They do it live. Scheduling tweets might help you stay on top of things, but live events, conferences, and Twitter chats give these orgs additional exposure.
  • They know it’s a two-way street. These organizations don’t let user questions fall into the void of no response. They loyally reply to their followers and use these interactions as opportunities to engage and amplify the voices of their community. Tweet by Womens Funding Network.

Womens Funding Network tweet about the Womens March

  • They are not afraid to be a lil sassy. Every brand has its own voice, but humor and sarcasm tend to work particularly well on Twitter (so do dog pics, obviously). Example from Pets for Patriots.

Pets for Patriots Tweet

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