List of Donor Wealth and Lead Tracking Software

Lead tracking software is common in the business-to-business (B2B) world where sales teams need to know the when/where/who of companies checking out their online resources. The ability of these tools to connect web behavior, third-party data, and CRM integrations ensure these tools pay for themselves when used correctly.

Many analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Web Insights, LinkedIn Website demographics and others show aggregated and anonymized data of website users. This is fine for identifying macro trends and user flows. However, if you need to understand how one specific user/company/email is behaving on your site these tools can’t help. The following is a consolidated summary of the various tools that allow organizations to explore deeper levels of data from their websites.

Company-level Lead Tracking

These tools leverage the IP, cookies and network information of visitors to your website to show a top-level view of company activity. They are able to combine these data with external lists of company information that provide a range of data about the company in addition to the behavior info of how an anonymous employee used the site.

Lead Feeder

  • Website:
  • What it does: “Leadfeeder generates B2B sales leads from your website visitors and shows who visits your website.” This tool shows the companies based on IP address that visit your site and allows you to explore the visits and assign people to follow up. Companies are also lead scored by recent website activity.
  • Integrations: Salesforce, Zoho, HobSpot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, MailChimp, Pipedrive
  • Cost: Free 7 day tracking with no integrations, sliding scale starting at $56 for 100 leads.

Lead Forensics

  • Website:
  • What it does: “Turbo-charge your lead generation, identify sales leads you never knew you had and accelerate your marketing ROI.” This tool adds code to your site that connects IP addresses of traffic with a massive database of businesses. This allows a full view of how a given company is interacting with your site and layers in the contact information of key people.
  • Integrations: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ZOHO
  • Cost: starts around +$400/month though for accurate pricing a demo call is required.


  • Website:
  • What it does: “Convert website visitors to live sales without technical teams”. Connects the data in Google Analytics network reports with third-party databases of company information. Strong UI that allows exploration of the company network web behavior on the site.
  • Integrations: Google Analytics, Zapier, LinkedIn for Social Selling, select CRMs, lead info on FB and twitter.
  • Cost: $24 to $49/month

LinkedIn Insight Tag

  • Website:
  • What it does: Once the tag is added to a website it shows the demographics, aggregated titles, and companies that visit your site. The analytics are limited but the data allow you to explore the company information on the LinkedIn platform. The main use case that LinkedIn pushes is around using the insight tag to create remarketing ads on their platform.
  • Integrations: LinkedIn
  • Cost: free

User-level Tracking


  • Website:
  • What it does: Has product offerings that: “Turns any email or domain into a full person or company profile. Discover your ideal accounts and leads with complete contact info. Turn anonymous web traffic into full company profiles.”. This is a high-end, robust solution that combines company and user level data allowing it to be pushed to Salesforce.  
  • Integrations: Google Analytics, Salesforce, Marketo, API
  • Cost: $1,000 to $3,000/month depending on integrations


  • Website:
  • What it does: “Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise.” This is a super robust marketing automation, sales, CRM system that has many features including direct user tracking.  
  • Integrations: Google Analytics, Facebook, MailChimp, API, and tons more…
  • Cost: Attribution tracking starts at the Professional $800/month level for 1,000 tracked contacts. Free CRM level has basic website activity tracking.

Donor Wealth Tracking and Prospecting Software

Nonprofits can use any of the above tools to track the potential donors that come through their site, however, the following tools ar specifically designed for appending data to existing email data. Note that these aren’t donor CRMs, which take another massive article to cover…


  • Website: WeDid.It
  • What it does: “An online fundraising platform for nonprofits & fiscal sponsors”. This tool includes a donor prospecting tool that looks up wealth capacity to give and social profile.
  • Integrations: stand-alone platform
  • Cost: the insights feature starts at $299/month.


  • Website:
  • What it does: “The WealthEngine platform is powered by more than a half trillion data points and uses proprietary learning science to create unique WE Profiles for more than 250M people in the U.S.”. This tool is best known for showing wealth information for your contacts, they also have a platform that helps do lead scoring for prospective donors.
  • Integrations: Salesforce, Salsa, and an API that can be used from any system.
  • Cost: Contact for pricing. Subscription are ++$1k and up per month. Salesforce integration is $82/month.

Donor Search

  • Website:
  • What it does: Wealth screening for finding out the capacity to give of your list. They use email, address, name to lookup data on people on your list.
  • Integrations: Salsa, Salesforce, Neon One, and many other via API
  • Cost: contact for quote.