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Vision Statements vs Mission Statements

Before we introduce you to our mission statement generator, we should start with the basics. Hopefully, you’ve already watched our video about the difference between a mission and vision statement, so you know that these two business essentials should be very different — at least when speaking internally. A vision statement can be easy to draft: What is the big, huge, ambitious impact you want to make on the world? What will be the reason you’re around 100 years from now?

Now, your mission statement can be harder to draft because you don’t want to just repeat the vision. What’s more, your mission is a bit more changeable than your vision, so it can be harder to pin down. Your mission statement should focus on the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals for your organization, timeboxed within the next 2 to 5 years. Your mission can (and should!) evolve over time.

How to use the mission statement generator

If you are looking to write or refine your mission statement and are getting stuck, we’re here to help: We’ve combed over some of our favorite nonprofit mission statements and put together a mad-libs style fill-in-the-blank mission statement generator to help you get started. We recommend sharing this exercise and using the mission statement generator with multiple team members to get a variety of perspectives on the work you do, and then aggregating the answers into one all-encompassing statement.


Mission Statement Generator


We believe in __(1)__ and __(2)__. In order to __(3)__, we __(4)__ and __(5)__. By __(6)__, __(7)__, and __(8)__ we work to __(9)__.


  1. Noun: Impact or change you hope to see in world
  2. Noun: Impact or change you hope to see in world
  3. Verb: Variation on vision statement
  4. Verb: SMART goal
  5. Verb: SMART goal
  6. Noun: Program or service
  7. Noun: Program or service
  8. Noun: Program or service
  9. Verb: Variation on vision statement



Could this be any easier?

Just in case you don’t have a typewriter at home, we have a fun form to see how this might look for your organization.

Actually, it can! Download our Nonprofit Vision and Mission Worksheet which includes:


Fresh and ready to be shared with your team, your boss, or your board. Get the mission statement generator and the worksheet below.