Nonprofit Webinar: Full 90m Walkthrough of the Basics of Google Analytics

We teamed up with the educators at TechSoup to create a 90m presentation on the fundamentals of Google Analytics. We cover how to do the initial setup, where to find information and what the basic terms really mean. This online webinar took place on December 3rd, 2015 and had over 900 people registered to attend.

Webinar Description:

There is more data available to organizations than ever before in history. Information about social, communications, users, and web traffic are just the beginning. The challenge is using the right data to inform decisions and drive toward measurable goals.
Simply collecting this information is not enough. This special 90-minute session will also offer a process and approach for turning information into action.
It will also address the cultural shift that needs to happen inside your organization to become ‘data driven’.
Key Takeaways

Learn how to use Google Analytics to track social, content, and online user behavior in order to drive action.
Find easy ways to regularly share data within your organization and prevent data silos.
Get tips on adding data driven goals to your organization and programs.