Question-first Nonprofit Quora Strategy: 7 Ideas to Boost Awareness

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Quora may just seem like a Q&A platform but it can be so much more. By the end of 2022 there were over 300 million people using Quora across an amazing breadth topics. That’s a huge amount of opportunity for nonprofits to tap into and reach out to new audiences. 

Here are some clear ways nonprofits can use Quora:

1. Build a Following

Signing up and setting up an account is easy, and most importantly, free! With Quora’s vast variety of topics, your nonprofit will have instant exposure on a platform with tons of users looking for answers to their questions. Your nonprofit can join the conversation by answering questions relevant to your mission or content priority areas and build a following over time through thoughtful responses and participation/interaction on topics related to your nonprofit’s mission.

We recommend trying to build one branded account rather than have each staff member create one. This will help accrue clout to the main organization account. 

2. Answer Questions

This is a question-first platform that rewards the best responses with a top position on the thread and on Google Search results. By creating thoughtful, insightful, helpful posts answering a question based on the work you do, you can showcase how your organization positively impacts the community. This can be anything from an impact story about a client or volunteer all the way to discussing important industry trends, events or research findings that benefit those in need. Additionally, this is an opportunity for organizations to build credibility, strengthen supporters’ connections with their cause and invite more people in your valuable community . 

3. Pay for Lead Targeted Marketing Campaigns 

Quora ads are increasing in popularity as they are significantly more cost-efficient than search engine advertising like Google Ads while allowing users deeper targetting capabilities than other social media channels (like Meta). For example, using interest targeting allows nonprofits easily reach new potential donors who have interests related thematically related to a campaign or cause area you may launching soon. Additionally using demographic targeting enables organizations to narrow down user audiences even further depending on age range and geographic area desired allocations in more precise ways than usual search engine advertising platforms yield resulting high levels of relevancy. 

4. Launch Polls & Surveys 

Start generating data by asking questions! Ask poll questions or surveys that pertain specifically to your organization – from gaining support for current initiatives or gauging if volunteers are behind specific causes/organization missions – these audience-generated polls provide priceless insight about what works effectively for certain campaigns you’re running and give ideas about potential future marketing initiatives.

5. Take Advantage of Relevant Links

Quora offers a great platform to share useful and relevant links in context to your content; you can add links back to your organization’s website and amplify your content’s SEO whilst allowing others an opportunity to follow-up on further information. Additionally, by sharing other helpful websites, articles or experts in the same domain as your organization adds more value to the conversation and builds greater trust and rapport with users in a respectful manner without aggressively promoting or self-promoting yourself providing greater and wider reach opportunities down the line. Remember not to be too self-promotional and always add value to the question thread rather than just pushing to your site’s resource.

6. Align Your Nonprofit With Reputable Organizations 

By mentioning established organizations that have proven records of successes within similar aspects or niche fields you lend some credibility and visibility over time as these external links become more recognized by search engines alongside the ongoing conversations you have been having with people thus creating greater impact for causes and organizations overall. 

7. Monitor Responses To See What’s Successful 

As with any form of digital marketing and engagement it is important to measure success/growth, however, this doesn’t always necessarily equate objectively to hard numbers such as donor conversions/sign-ups, etc yet indicators of sentiment and trends help understand how well people are engaging ideas being shared (or are not) provides invaluable knowledge allowing nonprofits adjust future strategies for their campaigns accordingly for optimal results. 

Benefits of Using Quora for Nonprofits

Using Quora gives your nonprofit the opportunity to easily connect with a larger audience and showcase its stories, campaigns and impact. Not only will this help boost website traffic, but it can also increase brand visibility as well as build credibility through content. Additionally, Quora’s pinned posts feature allows nonprofits to tailor their campaigns while further enhancing their reach by using targeted marketing & generating useful data and surveys from users. With Quora Ads & participating in conversations, nonprofits can also utilize helpful links to maximize their visibility for any search engine crawlers that index user content. Finally, monitoring the success of respective responses can form an overarching strategy for reaching key audiences–all for free!


In conclusion, there is great potential within Quora for nonprofits and organizations if embraced smartly – understanding user intent/needs will drive people towards solutions that gain real traction becoming something positively memorable in the cluttered digital media environment this new era brings with it every day offering superior engagement options than ever before. Budget your time wisely, and set a goal for the time period and results expected as your team tests this platform out. 

Also, if you are looking for deeper social media support for your organization, look to for nonprofit-focused marketing experts.