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A Practical Guide GA4

Google Analytics (GA4) is the successor to Universal Analytics (UA), the leading, free web analytics platform from Google.

GA4 is replacing UA in July, 2023 and everyone needs to update their own code or lose the ability to track website engagement. Here is a longer article: UA deprecation and how to plan.    

This course is meant to help people that were familiar with UA and are now trying to make the transition to GA4 for reporting.

Course Will Cover

  • Fundamentals of GA4
  • How GA4 differs from UA
  • How to setup & configure a new GA4 for your site
  • Customizing Reporting & Conversions
  • How to approach GA4 KPI planning
  • Walkthrough of a free GA4 Data Studio template

What does this GA4 shift mean?

  • Starting July 1st, 2023 all Universal Google Analytics accounts will stop pulling in new data from your website.
  • Legacy data in Universal Google Analytics Accounts will be available until the end of 2024 – based on recent announcements (Universal Analytics will be going away).  
  • Google Analytics is forcing a complete migration of older Universal Analytics to the newer GA4 tool.
  • This migration work will not happen automatically, and it is on each organization to migrate code, and export legacy data. 
  • For nonprofits, Google Ad Grant may be at risk if it isn’t connected to a working Google Analytics property. 
  • Can you just ignore this and hope the problem solves itself: nope
  • Yes, this is as annoying as you think it is. Here is an article about the differences between UA and GA4.


George Weiner, Taj Richards, and Axel Kaban will lead this course.