Inclusive Language to Use in 2023

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Tutorial Summary

It’s 2023! Are you using outdated language in your content? How sure are you? As language evolves, so too must our content. This can be difficult because organizations write content over the course of years. This tutorial explores the latest trends in inclusive language and offers concrete examples of how to use it effectively. We’ll also show you how to check your website for specific content and use our free tool,, to check any page of your site or pdf.

This past webinar is also part of our 2023 WWU Live Webinars course, which includes access to all past 2023 Webinars for $25.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the latest in inclusive language
  • How to check your website for specific content
  • How to use our free tool,


Leo Quintero

VP, Learning & Innovation

Leandro (Leo) Quintero is a communications leader with 15+ years of experience leading high-profile initiatives and delivering results for social change organizations. He has successfully created and managed multi-million dollar programs emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

For over a decade, Leo worked as a talent strategist and educator for The Ghetto Film School in both New York and Los Angeles. His main focus was championing diverse professionals entering the creative industry, placing them into entry-level positions and laying out their growth trajectory and skillbuilding roadmap. A key highlight of his professional career was the design and implementation of a Google-sponsored  PGA Create program, designed for underrepresented creative producers in partnership with the Producers Guild of America.

Leo has also worked with the American Film Institute (AFI), relaunching all of their social impact programs, including Young Women In FilmCinematography Intensive for Women and DWW+.  As an experienced manager and leader, he is skilled at building and managing ambitious, motivated, and effective multicultural teams. Leo has received training at the Bodhisattva Peace Institute in New Mexico and leads personal and group meditations.  In his free time, he loves salsa dancing, and spending as much time as possible with his family in his beloved country Colombia.


Marielle Sumergido

Marielle Sumergido

SEO Manager

As an SEO Manager, Marielle crafts SEO + Content Marketing strategy for Whole Whale and our clients. They received their BS in Public Health from Rutgers University. Just as Public Health brings health services directly to communities, Marielle leverages data to bring audiences the right content at the right time to increase impact. In addition to growing her clients’ website traffic, Marielle has led the charge on our emerging information architecture services and has conducted internal trainings on inclusive language. From those initial trainings emerged the Inclusivity Tool, of which they are now the product manager.