The Nonprofit Organization’s Guide to Social Media

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Despite organic social reach becoming smaller every year, being active on social media is still not optional. Your audience now expects you to have a social media presence that is informative and relevant. And as organizations compete with both traditional brands and other nonprofit organizations, it’s more important than ever to stand out on social channels with a distinctive personality. 

It’s usually not enough to throw up haphazard posts on Facebook or Twitter and expect engaged supporters to roll in. Successful social media communication occurs through thoughtful, strategic planning, setting measurable objectives, and committing to consistency. Save your team’s time and creative energy for content creation – download this one-stop-shop guide to set your team up for success!

What’s Inside

  • Why should you should invest in social media
  • How to align your objectives with your organization’s mission & philosophy
  • Overview of the today’s most popular social media platforms, different social media content, and what works on which platforms
  • Our recommended social media tools
  • Top nonprofits who are killing the social media game
  • A discount code for our Social Media Graphics Template and Guide!


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