Social Media for Social Impact

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Course Summary

Students: 550+ | Length: 2 hours

Social media marketing is the process of using social media networks (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) to gain support for your cause and grow your community. Despite what you may have heard otherwise, social media marketing for nonprofits STILL matters, and social media tools can still be used to drive incredible levels of nonprofit impact and social good. 

We want you to become your own social media marketing expert, and this course will give you the tools to use each of these platforms to drive the most impact. We’ll review: 

  • Why social media marketing for nonprofits STILL matters
  • How to choose the right social media platforms for your organization
  • How to drive real impact — and donations — using social media
  • How to measure success, both on and off-platform
  • How to use advertising dollars to further your social media goals
  • And more! 

Our course will include in-depth discussions of the major social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) as well as a few that you may not know as well. We’ll review the basic features, ideal use cases, recent updates, and best practices for driving impact. We’ll also get familiar with the native analytics of each social media channel, and off-platform analytics tools like Google Analytics that will help you get to know your audience, reach your social media goals, and see results. Ready to dive in? 

Course Goals

  • Understand the foundational principles for social impact success on social media
  • Determine which platforms are right for you and your organization’s goals
  • Understand best practices for individual platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more 
  • Get ideas for running social media campaigns that drive real impact
  • Learn how to make sense of data from Google Analytics and social media insight platforms
  • Know when and how you can best utilize social media ads — even if you are on a budget
  • Start using social media for fundraising

This Course is Meant for

  • Social media newbies and entry-level social media staff at nonprofits
  • Marketing staff looking for advanced strategies and deeper data analysis ideas
  • Manager or Director-level staff who want to take their social media strategy to the next level

Before Starting the course, you’ll need…

  • Logins for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Analytics platforms are helpful, but not necessary, so you can follow along
  • A basic understanding of social media platforms and engagement data is a plus

Students will receive a LinkedIn badge and a discount on our Social Media Campaign Graphics Template and Tutorial upon completion of course. Note that after watching each lesson and completing each quiz you must select “mark complete” to complete the course.