What’s Your Fundraising Plan?

We want you to have a REAL answer to this question when your board or CEO asks. All fundraising relies on digital systems and donor data in order to succeed. What most organizations miss is how to get the most out of the data and tools to raise more money online. Organizations often struggle to see the BIG PICTURE of how digital fundraising plans need to include every department.

This course will help your fundraising department and mindset break out of it’s silo by building a robust digital fundraising plan.

How can our website, comms team, fundraising teams all work together?


Answer: The Marketing Funnel.

This course walks through each step in the funnel and what needs to be done to succeed. It connects the relationship of web traffic, social posts, email messaging, and giving campaigns in a simple approach.

In the last 5 years, online revenue for nonprofits has increased by almost 80%. With consistent year-over-year growth of online contributions and donors worldwide preferring to donate online, there is so much opportunity for nonprofits to catch the online fundraising winds in your sails. 

This course is meant for

  • Nonprofit development, communications, or marketing professionals
  • Nonprofit executive directors or C-suite looking to shift their online fundraising strategy
  • Agencies that work to support online fundraising campaigns

What Students Have Said

“Your resources and courses have helped shaped my transition to digital work. I am such an advocate and believer in your work that I would love the opportunity to introduce Whole Whale to a larger United Way Worldwide audience.”

Sofia K. Dupi, Digital Services Implementation, Marketing & Analysis
United Way of Western Connecticut

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“They’re content is pretty amazing. We’ve actually incorporated it into some of our onboarding for new hires. Even more, they’re constantly coming out with new material!”

Adam Lowy, CEO & Founder
Move For Hunger

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Whole Whale remains a touchstone for what we are hoping to accomplish!”

Sean Patrick Loughran, Co-Founder
E-merge Consulting

Rating: 5 out of 5.

100% Refund Guarantee

Not happy with the course? Email us at [email protected] within 30-days of purchasing, let us know how we can improve and poof money back. We only want students that want us 🙂

What is in the course?

This comprehensive course is 6 hours long with tons of downloads and supporting resources. The course is broken up into quick trainings that cover each stage of the marketing funnel with downloads and quizzes. Here are the sections of the course that also let you jump around to the parts that interest you most:

  • Part 1: Setting the stage
    • Trends + Opportunity
    • Donating + The Brain
    • Frameworks + Goal Setting
  • Part 2: Aware
    • Increasing Attention through Search
    • Increasing Attention with the Google Ad Grant
    • Increasing Attention on Social
  • Part 3: Interested
    • Driving Leads on Your Website
    • Popup Walkthrough
    • The Value of Email
  • Part 4: Engaged
    • Nurturing with Email
    • Campaign Planning
    • Creating a Campaign Calendar
  • Part 5: Committed
    • Persuading Donors
    • The Donation Page
    • Facebook Fundraising
    • Online Fundraising Tactics
    • Fundraising through SMS
  • Part 6: A Paid Fundraising Strategy
    • Ad Platforms Overview
    • Digital Advertising Basics
    • Remarketing
    • Increasing Awareness/Leads/Donations with Ads
    • Running Ads on a Budget
  • Part 7: Activation Over Time
    • Thank You and Donor Retention
    • Nurturing High Net Worth Donors
    • Analyzing Social/donor Data
    • Sharing Donor Success