Building a Data Culture with Nonprofit Hub

Data Culture, Noun.

Definition: An organization that asks ‘what do the data say?’ and then acts on the results even when convention or tradition may disagree. It is using an analytic process to leverage relevant Big Data insights to transform the way business is done internally and externally. The culture depends on staff at all levels to measure outcomes, act based on available data, and build on existing knowledge over time.

Watch this webinar hosted by Chief Whaler George Weiner and Nonprofit Hub’s Publisher and Executive Director Randy Hawthorne to learn not only why you should build a data culture, but how to do it. We will give you actionable steps and processes to get your team on board, and to incorporate data into all that you do.

You’ll learn
– What a data culture is and why it is valuable
– How data drives impact
– How to build a data culture in your organization, no matter your capacity