Beyond email acquisition: Segmenting goals with a marketing funnel

Familiarity is a powerful factor in the human decision making, something that top brands have known for many years. If we have a base level of familiarity with a product, we are significantly more likely to choose it. Nonprofits have the opportunity to use the same strategies to take constituents from aware to committed (read: donating) to a cause. But how?

In this webinar, hosted by Chief Whaler George Weiner and Care2’s VP of Strategic Partnerships Justin Perkins, we’ll show you how your organization can better optimize and integrate the email acquisition flow. Get practical advice around cultivating a good followup strategy for once you’ve got someone subscribed to your email list, and for engaging them across other channels like Facebook. When someone subscribes to your list, the relationship is only just beginning. Watch the recording below to get the tips and tools you need for better email marketing and lead nurturing.


  • How to build a funnel of engagement
  • Email optimization tips to nurture your list
  • Re-targeting strategies across platforms (email, Facebook, and more)