Facebook Ads Workshop for Year-End Campaigns with Salsa Labs

Join Digital Advertising Whalers Jasmine Cordew and Alison Glazer as they walk through the basics of how to build, manage, and track a Facebook ad campaign. They’ll help you determine what type of ads to run, how to set up audience targeting, and analyze your results to decide if the ads were “good.” Set up better, more targeted campaigns to reach your audience and increase donations this year. Plus! Our awesome hosts at Salsa Labs will show you how to use their new ads integration to nurture past donors.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why posting on your organization’s social media page is becoming less and less impactful
  • The multiple types of Facebook Ads to run based on your campaign objectives
  • How the NEW Facebook Ads/Salsa Engage integration will help you acquire, cultivate, and retain year-end donors!