Ali leads Whole Whale’s Advertising team to engage nonprofits in building, measuring, and learning from campaigns that drive the user actions that matter the most to their missions. 

Since joining the team in 2017, Ali has managed over $4 million in advertising dollars to drive impact through fundraising, resource distribution, volunteer recruitment, and online community growth. Beyond managing advertising strategy for clients including Greater Than AIDSWorld Animal Protection, and Rebuilding Together, Ali is interested in sharing knowledge and learnings with others. She has spoken on advertising and other nonprofit marketing strategies at NTC, NPCC, Columbia University, and Whole Whale’s very own WWULive events.

Ali is also an expert in (and huge fan of) the Google Ad Grant, and has utilized over $16 million Google Ad Grant dollars across a diverse group of nonprofits to reach and engage core audiences. She has successfully led the Ad Grant strategy and increased on and offline conversions for over a dozen nonprofits — in one instance increasing volunteer registrations by over 250% in just 3 months. Her proudest paid search project was a partnership with Ad Council to build confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and connect people to local providers. Over the course of a year, these campaigns successfully answered over 3.4million questions about COVID vaccines and increased traffic from high-hesitancy states by over 180%. 

Beyond client services, Ali is passionate about team management and dynamics, and in understanding the workplace conditions that make humans the most motivated, effective, and satisfied. She manages our internal project tracking and sprint recap system and is interested in identifying project structures, team makeups, and management approaches that lead to the most valuable and efficient outcomes. She co-authored Whole Whale’s ebook on internship management for nonprofits in an effort to get even more smart people into awesome organizations. When not working with the team, you’ll find Ali outside, probably talking about pop culture. 

Selected Resources by Ali