GA4 Ecommerce: Start-up Steps and Considerations

With the impending deprecation of Universal Analytics (Google Analytics 3) in 2023, migrating or planning on starting to set website tracking through GA4 and one of the most important conversions to keep in mind is revenue, being through donations or else.

This webinar will cover what ecommerce tracking is like in GA4, what are possible steps to implement it based on different possible sources of that data, and the caveats for each option. You will also learn how to use Google Tag Manager to leverage your data collection without the need of a developer.

Join Whole Whale’s data engineering manager, Axel Kaban to review priority metrics and formatting requirements, learn web tracking best practices to track donation campaigns, and explore the GA4 Monetization report. 

Learn how to:

  • Take advantage of Google Tag Manager for GA4 event tracking 
  • Understand the conventional names and structure requirements for ecommerce tracking as it pertains to GA4
  • Understand how to plan for ecommerce tracking based on your shop or donation platform, your team capacity, and your reporting needs
  • Use the reports in GA4 to inform yourself of conversion that furthers your organization’s goals


Data Engineering Manager

Axel is the developer behind the work in Lighthouse and Whole Whale University, he is also part of the analytics team as technical support for data structure and custom tracking planning and setup, and he is always excited to find better ways to develop for good.

Outside of Whole Whale, Axel invests his time with local nonprofits advocating for safer streets in New York City for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as teaching kids and adults how to ride a bicycle and do so safely. He has also worked as an instructor in public and charter schools to encourage students to learn programming, robotics, and graphic design. He believes that no matter your gender or background, a rich education is an important stepping stone to magnifying our voice and moving us towards equality.

While he’s not working, you can find Axel on a trail or road on his bicycle, making a random song that might one day be ready to be heard, or catching up with things he always wanted to do as a kid.