Nonprofit Design 360: Tools + tips to advance your organization’s mission

Design for nonprofits goes far beyond an organization’s visual identity. Good design can help your organization express “personality” and build the trust needed to drive supporters towards meaningful action. But what makes for good design? In this event, we’ll break down nonprofit design into several elements. We’ll begin with brand architecture (organizing your nonprofit’s programs to look and feel like a cohesive entity), then we’ll move into how that theory and other design tools translates into a nonprofit’s web presence, and we’ll end with a conversation about how you can optimize design. Learn the theories, tips, and tools you can put to use to strengthen the overall design of your nonprofit’s brand. No experience necessary.

Ann Nguyen, Design Whaler at Whole Whale
Josh Riman, Founder at Great Believer
Michael Yamagata, Art Director at Great Believer
Laura Fisher, Strategist at Big Duck

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Ann Nguyen, Whole Whale, Don’t Stop A/Believing

Josh Riman + Michael Yamagata, Great Believer, Do’s and Don’ts of Nonprofit Design