(Not So) Secret Nonprofit Website Strategies To Create The Best User Experience

If you regularly visit or edit your own organization’s website, you may suffer from the curse of familiarity. The curse of familiarity means you’re so familiar with your own website that you don’t see how the experience translates to real users. Does your website have an annoying pop-up that interrupts your users? Does your donation page shift while users are trying to click the donate? Do users see a scary security warning when they access your website? In this webinar, Whole Whale digital strategists will discuss user experience blind spots that hinder nonprofits from acquiring and retaining users. We’ll review the best practices from Google’s Page Experience guidelines and how to find the data that objectively measures website user experience.

In this webinar, you’ll learn

  • An overview of Google’s Page Experience ranking signals and how it impacts user acquisition and conversion
  • The POUR website accessibility guidelines and what it takes for your website to meet accessibility standards
  • How Google uses Core Web Vitals to measure user experience on your website and how to see how you’re doing
  • The best tools to measure, monitor, and improve user experience across all your website pages

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Headshot of Koby Langner, SEO Manager at Whole whale

SEO Manager

Specializing in data analytics, content strategy, and search engine optimization (SEO), Koby is a Nashville-based digital marketer who helps nonprofits broaden awareness and reach more supporters. Koby has worked with technology companies and impact organizations like Kindful, Bloomerang, Civic Design Center, Habitat for Humanity, The Giving Block, The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Great Believer, and Love146.

He has completed courses on inbound marketing strategy, website information architecture, and data analytics. He’s certified in the Google Analytics Individual Certification and Moz Technical SEO Certification.

Koby lives in Nashville, TN, home of his alma mater, Belmont University. He’s an Enneagram 6, Myers-Briggs ISTJ, DISC Stabilizer, and Zodiac cancer. He has defended an academic thesis on gentrification and actively participates in community organizing events and efforts for more equitable design, zoning, housing, environmental, and transportation policies. When he’s not a digital marketer, Koby enjoys neighborhood walks, exploring Nashville’s coffee shops and breweries, visiting art exhibits, reading this month’s Poetry Magazine, and working on home projects.

Data Engineering Manager

Axel is the developer behind the work in Lighthouse and Whole Whale University, he is also part of the analytics team as technical support for data structure and custom tracking planning and setup, and he is always excited to find better ways to develop for good.

Outside of Whole Whale, Axel invests his time with local nonprofits advocating for safer streets in New York City for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as teaching kids and adults how to ride a bicycle and do so safely. He has also worked as an instructor in public and charter schools to encourage students to learn programming, robotics, and graphic design. He believes that no matter your gender or background, a rich education is an important stepping stone to magnifying our voice and moving us towards equality.

While he’s not working, you can find Axel on a trail or road on his bicycle, making a random song that might one day be ready to be heard, or catching up with things he always wanted to do as a kid.

Digital Optimization Manager

Maura is passionate about growing the impact of nonprofits by connecting people to organizational vision through engaging digital experiences. She uses testing, user experience design, and audience-driven content creation to hone in on the most effective web and email strategy for non-profit marketing. 

Before diving into the world of nonprofit marketing, Maura did a tour on the Rock teaching youth programs on Alcatraz Island with the National Park Service, served with the Colorado Reading Corps AmeriCorps program, and lead youth programs in a community botanical garden. Her experience in education informs her design strategies as she works to deliver content in the most interesting and engaging fashion possible.

She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz where she studied Modern Literature with a French Intensive. Outside the office, Maura spends her time baking, running, leash-training her cat, and attempting to race cyclocross.