How to Start an Awesome Internship Program with Idealist

Looking to build capacity on your team? Interns are a valuable asset to nonprofits because they bring a fresh perspective, are (usually) technologically savvy, and increase productivity. Plus, developing an internship program at your organization allows you to assess compatibility if you are looking to hire in the future. According to a survey by NACE, almost 40% of employers reported a higher five-year retention rate among employees they’d hired via internship programs. Even if you aren’t looking for future hires right now, interns can become ambassadors for your organization and spearhead new projects. But how do you find the talent? And what should you have them, well, do?

Join Chief Whaler George Weiner as he sits down with Idealist Careers Editor Alexis Perrotta and Idealist Community Engagement Manager Maggie Larson to discuss how you can create an awesome internship program at your organization. Whether you already have interns, or are looking to start from scratch, you’ll get exclusive hiring and management tips to make the most out of the program.


  • The benefits of developing an intern program
  • How to post a great job description
  • Best practices for hiring and interviewing interns
  • What tasks to assign interns to increase happiness and impact