Learn how to run the Google Ad Grant like an agency.

Starting January 2022

Cohort Limited to 25 Organizations. Session Dates TBD.

Early Bird Pricing limited to first 10 seats: $599

Regular pricing for the final 15 seats is $699

The Whole Whale Google Ad Grant Cohort will guide your team through managing and optimizing your Google Ad Grant in 2022. With a clear focus on key user actions and organizational impact (not just site traffic), our weekly sessions will support your organization through developing a long-term, easy-to-manage Ad Grant strategy that works for your team. 

Too many organizations are mismanaging, or missing out on, up to $120,000 of in-kind advertising each year provided by the Google Ad Grant. We’ll focus on identifying the digital metrics that really matter to your organization, and help your team create data-driven campaigns that bring the right users to your site in order to increase your impact year-over-year, with minimum time from your already over-stretched team.

This cohort will help your marketing team create and execute a Google Ad Grant strategy that works alongside your existing marketing and communications strategy and contributes to overall organizational impact.

Whole Whale has managed over $10 million of in-kind advertising for over 50 Ad Grant accounts. For 10 years, we’ve offered private hands-on digital training for our agency clients — now, we’re opening it up to a larger audience. 

Our Ad Grant cohort is meant for:

  • Nonprofit communications, marketing, or fundraising professionals new to Google Ads, or those looking for a refresher on the latest strategies and tactics
  • Individuals that work to manage nonprofit Google Ads accounts who want to learn the latest best practices


Participants must already have an active Google Ad Grant to enroll.

If your organization does not yet have a Google Ad Grant account, you can start the application process here. The confirmation email will include an onboarding survey to ensure the students are ready for the cohort.

What’s included:

  • 5-week seminar series with live Q&A during weekly 1.5 hour collaborative training sessions
  • 1 hour a week of “office hours” for participants to ask questions via Zoom
  • Up to 2 individual subscriptions to Whole Whale University for 1 year!($598 value)
  • Opportunity to grow your network and learn from other Nonprofit professionals
  • Post-cohort check-in session to answer questions and reconnect after you’ve been working with the Ad Grant for a few months

What you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your Ad Grant account for success
  • Key policy requirements and tips for account management
  • How to set digital advertising goals that drive your organizational impact
  • How to create campaigns that help your organization reach those digital goals (including how to find keywords that drive meaningful traffic and how to write ad copy that entices users to click through)
  • How to manage and optimize campaigns over time to comply with Ad Grant policy and drive more impact for your organization
  • How to interpret and draw meaningful insights from advertising metrics in Google Ads and Google Analytics

Seminar Outline

This seminar series will cover the main components of the Google Ad Grant strategy and management process. We’ll outline essential techniques and approaches for developing an effective Google Ad Grant strategy. 

Each week will include a 1.5 hour live collaborative training session and access to office hours to provide additional support. All sessions will be recorded for participants and their teams to access long after the course concludes. 1-2 hours of “homework” will be assigned each week so that organizations can get as much out of this course as possible!

Week 1/ Introduction: Account Structure + Setting Goals 


  • Introductions to participants and instructors
  • Review of the Google Ad Grant program, basic account structure, and high-priority policy requirements
  • Discussion of digital goal-setting using the Funnel of Engagement framework

Week 2/ Creative Campaign Brainstorm


  • Review case studies from nonprofit organizations using the Google Ad Grant to support different causes and digital goals
  • Brainstorm new creative campaign ideas for participants to employ based on organizational needs

Week 3/ Planning Ad Groups by Choosing Keywords + Writing Ads


  • Breakdown of the campaign planning process, including:
    • Ad group structure
    • How to choose quality keywords
    • How to write strong Google search ads

Week 4/ Building a Campaign


  • Walkthrough of the complete campaign building process in the Ad Grant platform

Week 5/ Measuring, Management + Final Thoughts


  • Review of priority Ad Grant metrics and how to analyze performance
  • Discuss best practices for ongoing management and optimization of the account
  • We will close with additional time for questions and feedback on the course. 

100% Refund Guarantee

Not happy with the course? Email us at university@wholewhale.com within 30-days of purchasing, let us know how we can improve and poof money back.

What Students Have Said

casna NH logo of a stick figure with arms up forming a heart

I know there is a lot I can learn from the Whole Whale University that is applicable to some of my personal goals at my job this year.

Carolyn Cote,

CASA New Hampshire

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Ali and Rachel are kind and knowledgeable, and really patient in the face of working with a variety of familiarity levels with the platform.”

Rebecca Walker,

Columbia Land Conservancy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Meet the Instructors

Alison Glazer
Senior Advertising Manager
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Rachel Clemens
Content Marketing Manager
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