9 Most Common Twitter Questions

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When should I tweet? Am I tweeting too much? Which Tweets are working? If you’re one of the 232 million users on Twitter, then you definitely asked yourself these questions more than once. In this episode of Whole Whale TV we answer 9 most commonly asked questions about Twitter.

1. When Should I Tweet?

When you should tweet should be governed by when the people that follow you, are most likely to see it, and interact with it. This is where Followerwonk is very useful. Each day, there are certain periods of the day where your users may be most active, so take advantage of that.

2. Who Should I Tweet At?

Well, look at who follows you. One of our clients here at Whole Whale didn’t know that they had a person with over a million followers. Who was it? LeBron James. Yes, it would probably be a good idea to tweet at him – just imagine the exposure one could get with just one tweet from Mr. James.
You should also look at Klout – a tool that analyzes how much influence/reputation someone has around a given topic. Social report is another fantastic tool to arm yourself with. This will help you look at your followers and see who, for example, has the most influence on nonprofit technology or a cause you care about. Having LeBron James as a follower might help, but it depends on your goals. We bet LeBron isn’t the go-to guy when it comes to a topic such as climate change.

3. Which Tweets Are Working?

The BEST way to look at this is to look at Analytics.Twitter.com. The fact is that Twitter’s analytics will just continue to get better with time. Using this, you can look at your previous posts, analyze the information you see, and then, most importantly, do more of what works.

4. Who Is My Audience?

Let’s stay with Analytics.Twitter.com. You can find out who follows you based on: location, gender, state, city, and interests. This can give you a bit more insight on what you should be posting for your audience. Maybe you have a growing audience in Ohio? Perhaps you saw a spike in your female followers? Take a look and make the changes needed.

5. Which #Hashtags Matter?

Look at WhatTheTrend. You guessed it – this helps you see what the current trends are locally or globally. You can use this to see if there are any conversations you should participate in. Next let’s look at SocialMention. If you know which hashtag you’re already looking for, then throwing it into SocialMention will help you get an idea of who’s talking about this topic, and who’s the biggest influencer inside of that conversation.

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6. Am I Tweeting Too Much?

This is a tricky question, and something only your data can tell you. The best answer to this question is: If your users are unfollowing you, then you’re doing something that’s causing this to happen. Unfollowers tracks all your followers, and let’s you know who stopped following you. We know, this isn’t the most pleasant tool to use, but it’s something you definitely need to be paying attention to.

7. Who Shares My Content On Twitter?

Use AddThis across your site. This will help you aggregate all of the shares and give you a breakdown of your top content that’s being shared. This can give you great insight on what content to create to encourage social sharing.

8. How Are People Sharing My Site?

Using Twitter Cards will tell you exactly how people are sharing your content. This is something we really recommend especially if you care about your site’s reputation.

9. Does Twitter Traffic Matter?

It depends. You need to have digital goals to be able to determine if something matters or not. You may need to dig deeper to determine what that goal really is. So, the answer may differ depending on what you want to accomplish.

Now that your brain is filled with all this knowledge, test these tools out for yourself. Go out there, explore the Twitter world, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions that we at Whole Whale can answer for you.

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