How to Reactivate Your Google Ad Grant Account

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Nearly every Google Ad Grant manager has had to reactivate their Ad Grant account at least once. Following the 2018 updates to policy, it’s become more common for nonprofit Google Ads users to face suspension as they adjust to key compliance requirements. The best way to avoid account suspension is to review and update your Google Ad Grant account regularly — the more time you spend looking at your data and testing new ideas, the easier it will be to flag low-performing keywords, maintain quality ads, and stay on top of regular compliance needs.

That being said, it’s also likely that at some point you WILL face account suspension. Don’t let the stress of this setback get the best of you — Ad Grant suspension is a temporary state, and it’s the goal of the Ad Grant Support team to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Keep your cool, and follow these steps to reactivate your Google Ad Grant.

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5-week Cohort

Google Ad Grant Cohort

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How to reactivate your Google Ad Grant

1. Don’t panic!

If you get an account suspension alert, the first thing you should do is breathe! Have a snack! Don’t let the anxiety of this notice get in the way of the fast action needed to reactivate your Google Ad Grant account.

2. Refer to Ad Grant policy

Once you’re calm, review the information in your suspension alert and refer to the updated Google Ad Grant policies. Do your best to proactively fix any compliance issues that were highlighted or that you can find yourself. Pay special attention to single-word keywords, generic keywords, low quality score keywords and the 5% account CTR average.  

3. Contact Google Ad Grant Support

Once you’ve addressed every violation you can find, get in contact with the Ad Grant Support team. There are two ways of doing this:

1) Calling the Google Ads hotline at 1-866-246-6453 or
2) Submitting the request for Ad Grant reactivation form

In either case, make sure that you have your Google Ads Customer ID and contact information at the ready. You can note over the phone (or in the online form) whether you’ve already made any compliance changes in advance — if you are still unable to discover the cause of your suspension, now is the time to ask!

4. Follow directions

Once they’ve received your call/form submission, the Ad Grant Support team will respond accordingly via phone or email. They will let you know whether there are any outstanding violations to address and outline the steps you can take to correct them and reactivate your Ad Grant account.

5. Raise your account for re-review

When you have addressed all of the compliance issues noted by Support, respond again via phone or email to let them know that your account is ready for re-review. Once Support verifies this, they will be able to resubmit your account for final review and reactivation.

6. Be patient

Waiting is the hardest part, and the volume of requests makes it difficult for Ad Grant Support to promise an exact date of reactivation. That said, we do know that escalating your account again does not help — resubmitting the form or contacting a new member of Support will not speed up the process, so don’t do it. Your designated contact will give you updates on the progress of your reactivation whenever possible.

When your account is reactivated, you will receive another alert within the Google Ads platform. First, take a moment to celebrate! Then make sure that you have regular Google Ad Grant account maintenance on your calendar for the future. Add compliance sweeps into these account check-ins so that you always stay one step ahead of suspensions and avoid losing any opportunity to make an impact with your Google Ads.

Moby the Whale in a mortarboard pointing at a chalkboard with the Google Ad Grant symbol on it

5-week Cohort

Google Ad Grant Cohort

Learn how to get the most out of your Google Ad Grant

Still have questions about how to reactivate your Google Ad Grant? Refer to our other Ad Grant resources for additional Google Ads strategy tips and best practices.