Introducing Lighthouse for Google Analytics and MailChimp

At Whole Whale, we’re obsessed with helping orgs use data to create social impact. But too often data remains siloed in different programs that don’t talk to each other, making it difficult for the people that need it most to access and use that data effectively.
We want to change that.
Welcome to our new tool Lighthouse by Whole Whale! It’s a first-of-its-kind digital tool that accesses your hidden user data in Google Analytics to let you see what each of your email subscribers are doing on your website. Pretty cool stuff.
Lighthouse works by linking two of our favorite nonprofit data tools, Google Analytics and Mailchimp, to help you achieve your goals.

Turn Mailchimp into an Enterprise level tool

Google Analytics is the go-to tool for tracking web visitor activity, letting you see how much time people are spending on your site, which of your pages are getting the most action, and where your users are going next. But the journey often ends there. You don’t know who exactly is doing what, and how you can follow up with them.
Mailchimp, is the leading email marketing tool in the market. It lets you build a list of interested subscribers and create custom email campaigns, run A/B tests, and get your subscribers info they love. But how can you know what info they might want, and when?
Lighthouse shines light on what people do after they click the links in the emails you send. Giving a user-level view of the entire customer journey of how emails got on your list. Making this connection gives your MailChimp account enterprise level tracking and segmentation ability that normally costs significantly more from other eCRMS.

How it works

No more disconnect. No more guessing which subscribers are doing what. As each of your subscribers share their email, log-in, or click through on your Mailchimp campaigns to your website, Lighthouse links their emails with web visitor data in Google Analytics to let you see what they’re doing on your website — pulling in up to two years of historical web browsing data.
Don’t miss out on VIP users, leads, and email segments. Lighthouse helps you follow-up with interested supporters, chase sales leads, and track donor activity using Lighthouse’s user segments and VIP notifications.
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“What are email users doing on my site?” asked every nonprofit ever. With Lighthouse by Whole Whale, we’ve created a virtual handshake between your email marketing provider and your Google Analytics to better understand the online activities of high-value email subscribers. Get more information and sign up for a demo at