+16 Established Fundraising Consultants


Fundraising is a HUGE field and there are many great oranizations that help improve the quality of the sector like the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). This group is a go-to for many fundraisers looking to learn and improve their skills.

Hiring a Development Officer in-house is VERY competitive as one search on Idealist.org will reveal. As of writing this, there are over 1,600 open fundraising roles open in the US. Given this competitive landscape it can make a lot of sense to look for fundraising consultants and firms to help your nonprofit. While Whole Whale offers support for a specific kind of digital fundraising, there is a wide world of fundraising services that these companies can offer.

List of Nonprofit Fundraising Companies

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Website: https://alysterling.com/

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a partnership-driven consulting firm powering fundraising, strategic planning, and board leadership solutions for the well-positioned nonprofit. AS works with nonprofits across a wide range of industries, including arts and culture, the environment, foundations, and government.


Website: https://www.donorly.com/

Donorly provides a powerful team of fundraising professionals with experience across sectors to get results. It was founded based on the idea that donor research is crucial to successful development and fundraising operations.

Brian Lacy & Associates

Website: https://www.brianlacy.com/

Brain Lacy & Associates provide services for nonprofits including augmentation, analysis of data, prospect research, major donor information, and matching gift data. The firm has over 30 years of experience and has worked with over 400 nonprofits to make custom-tailored solutions for success.

Alexander Haas

Website: https://fundraisingcounsel.com/

Alexander Haas is an Atlanta-based fundraising consulting firm that serves clients nationwide, including those in higher education, museums, schools, performing arts, human services, healthcare, and religious organizations. The firm can help develop fundraising plans, identify prospective donors, and strategize ways to gain support to meet fundraising goals.

Byrne Pelofsky & Associates, LLC

Website: https://byrnepelofsky.com/ (think this is old: http://fundraisingjba.com/)

With a full team of consultants and fundraising experts, Byrne Pelofsky helps nonprofits meet their goals while keeping focused on key criteria for each project. For example, the firm prioritizes stewardship, prospective donor development, and strategy implementation. Byrne Pelofsky has served clients in various sectors for services from grant writing to campaign management. 

CCS Fundraising

Website: http://ccsfundraising.com/ 

With 70 years under their belt, CCS Fundraising works with nonprofits across all sectors to create and execute tailored strategies. They offer services in five main categories: planning and strategy; campaign and development management; data analytics, systems, and research; training and leadership development; and crisis management, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Website: https://grahampelton.com/ 

Graham-Pelton works with just nonprofits across all areas and provides sector-specific approaches to individual client needs. The firm is guided by their values of authenticity, optimism, being focused, being bold, and being emphatic. Their services include those related to fundraising, organizational effectiveness, and business intelligence.

Changing Our World, Inc.

Website: https://www.changingourworld.com/ 

Made of a team of dedicated impact consultants, Changing Our World, Inc. focuses on building collectives and community for social change. Guided by a three step process—immerse, inform, and implement—these tenets translate to their services offered in fundraising, corporate social engagement, research and analytics, and communications.

Aspire Research Group

Website: http://www.aspireresearchgroup.com/ 

Aspire Research Group is a fundraising and research consulting firm that specializes in boutique research, campaigns, and major gifts. The firm is especially committed to working with partners involved in performing arts, the environment and conservation, education, and women.

The Munshine Group

Website: https://www.munshinegroup.com/ 

Based in New Jersey, the Munshine Group is a nonprofit consulting firm dedicated to organizations in the Northeast corridor. Their services include those in fundraising, communications, corporate social responsibility, and strategy and implementation.

The Covenant Group

Website: https://covenantgrouponline.com/ 

Founded over 20 years ago, The Covenant Group specializes in fundraising campaigns for nonprofits and religious organizations. In addition, the firm offers services in planning studies, strategic planning, development audits, board training, and executive searches for nonprofits across sectors.

The Phoenix Philanthropy Group

Website: http://www.phoenixphilanthropy.com/ 

The Phoenix Philanthropy Group provides customized services for nonprofits to accelerate and enhance fundraising performance and build organizational strength. They’ve worked with clients across many sectors for services including fundraising, volunteer management, alumni relations, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Capstone Advancement Partners

Website: http://capstoneadvancementpartners.com/cap-wp/

Capstone Advancement Partners is a nonprofit fundraising firm based in Atlanta. They say they treat clients the same way they tell them to treat donors: like valued partners who give us the opportunity to make a difference in our communities. Previously, CAP has served clients in education, human services, youth serving organizations, religious organizations, and arts, culture, history, and environmental.

Focus Fundraising

Website: https://focus-fundraising.com/ 

Focus Fundraising consultants work side-by-side with nonprofit teams to strategize and execute plans to raise money. The team specializes their services in assessment, planning, messaging, research, and coaching.

Orr Group

Website: https://orrgroup.com/ 

Orr Group applies analytical frameworks and ROI-based models developed in the for-profit world to help with nonprofit development. Since its 1991 founding, Orr Group has worked with more than 600 nonprofits to help them innovate, execute, and manage their fundraising campaigns more effectively.

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The Prospect Finder

Website: http://www.prospectfinder.com/ 

The Prospect Finder is a full service fundraising research firm that helps organizations raise more money—and faster—through the use of data and technology. The firm is skilled in designing and implementing customized research solutions to meet clients’ specific needs. Specific services include donor database management, prospect identification, direct mail testing and analysis, online giving optimization, telephone solicitation surveys and custom reporting for all aspects of your organization’s fundraising efforts.

Chase Solutions, Inc.

Website: https://www.prospectresearch.com/

Chase Solutions is a national leader in prospect research and wealth intelligence for nonprofits and philosophy. Based in Cape Cod, Mass., the firm offers services in wealth intelligence planning, prospect research, presentations and conferences, and seminars and training.

What next?

If you are ready to try to hire a fundraising consultant make sure to have a process that fits your organization. If hiring a Development Officer or Consulting firm is too expensive right now, Whole Whale has developed a full fundraising course that teaches our full Digital Fundraising strategy. The course is also a CFRE (Certified Fundraising Executive) approved for credits.

Online Course

Online Fundraising Essentials

Build a successful online fundraising strategy from the ground up