Low-cost A/B Testing Tools & The Demise of Google Optimize

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The great search for free and low-cost A/B Testing Tools is upon us.

Google is sunsetting its free website A/B testing tool, Google Optimize, in September 2023. For years, this tool made A/B testing an easy and achievable strategy for nonprofits of all sizes and budgets. A/B testing is a crucial tool for optimizing website performance and improving user experience. While Google has announced collaborations with three platforms to build integrations, the cost of these platforms may be prohibitive for many nonprofit organizations.

Let’s take a closer look at the three platforms with Google Analytics integration: AB Tasty, Optimizely, and VWO. Unfortunately, all three come with a hefty price tag for the level of testing offered by Google Optimize, starting in most cases at $30,000 per year. This cost, whether for a single license or agency, can be a significant investment for organizations, especially those in the nonprofit sector. 

However, there is a glimmer of hope for organizations seeking an affordable A/B testing solution. VWO offers a free plan for A/B testing for up to 50,000 users per month and offer a discount to nonprofits at higher paid tiers. The amount is determined on a case-by-case basis. Agencies, as an enterprise account, could potentially offer a discounted rate to their clients. 

It’s important to note that these platforms offer more than just A/B testing capabilities. They are incredibly robust platforms that come with a wide range of features focused on testing and understanding user behavior on your site. Depending on the budget and size of your team, you may want to consider how many of the features your team will have the time to use before going all in. 

The three tools with a Google Analytics integration are:

  • AB Tasty
    • Plans start at $30k/year (either for a single license or agency)
    • No nonprofit plan
  • Optimizely
    • Plans start at $30k/year
    • No nonprofit plan
  • VWO
    • Plans start Free for A/B testing for up to 50,000 users/month
    • Agencies can get an Enterprise Account and offer a discount to all clients
    • Nonprofits do get a discount but it is determined on a case-by-case basis.

There are dozens of tools on the market, and while other platforms may not have the same level of integration with Google Analytics, they do offer pricing options within reach for some nonprofits. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Convert: Starting at $99 per month, Convert offers A/B testing capabilities but limits the number of users to 50,000 per month. One of its key advantages is that it is known for not impacting site speed when running tests.
  • CrazyEgg: If your organization is already a CrazyEgg customer, it might be worth considering their A/B testing options. The basic level, priced at $29 per month, allows for 30,000 tracked pageviews per month. Additionally, their pricing models are more economical than VWO’s at higher tiers.
  • Intellimize: With pricing starting at $1,250 per year, Intellimize offers a cookieless solution with up to 5 million page views. Their platform also includes AI-integrated copy suggestions to help optimize your A/B testing efforts.
  • Zoho Page Sense: For $30 per month, Zoho Page Sense offers A/B testing capabilities for up to 10,000 visitors. Additionally, you can bundle it with other features like analytics, heat maps, and polls to get a comprehensive testing and optimization solution.

Google Optimize gone,
Organizations now seek
A new A/B tool.

– causewriter.ai

While we’re sad to see Google Optimize go, it made A/B testing achievable for websites of every size, we are interested to see what tools start to fill the niche of affordable testing. As your organization decides which option is right for you, take a moment to consider what works for your budget, staff expertise and fits in well with your tool stack. If website testing is not in the cards for your organization at the moment, don’t forget about A/B testing your emails, ads and pop-ups! Digital marketing offers endless opportunities to learn from your users about which messages, images, and layouts resonate with them.