Nonprofit Email Fundraising AI Writer (free-for-now)


Whole Whale has been building custom OpenAI GPT3 AI writers for our clients that need to create more quality content on their sites and communications. Here is a sample of an AI trained on the best nonprofit fundraising emails that will help write a draft of the type of email appeal you’re looking for.

How to use the AI Fundraising Email Writer

We have opened this tool up for free use (for now) so give it a spin.

The AI will take your instruction like it was a freelancer working on the email. Add the following details in your instruction:

  • What you want it to do “Write a fundraising email”
  • Who your organization is and the brief mission. “We are [XYZ organization], our mission is to [improve X by doing y]”
  • Add some flavor: “[XYZ org] has trained over [X] and reached [y] impressive milestones this year.
  • Add the context: “This email is for the Thanksgiving email and going to past donors”
  • Hit submit and pray to the AI gods for good results

Example: “Write a fundraising email for Power Poetry, a safe, creative, free online platform for teens to create poetry. This year Power Poetry has supported over 1.1 million poets. This email is asking for donations around GivingTuesday.”

Pro-tip: You can copy and paste the result to generate additional parts of the email.

Describe the org/email you want
GPT3 Response

*WARNING: This is a trained AI and will respond based on the inputs given. Garbage-in = Garbage-out. Whole Whale does not support or condone hate or discriminatory speech. Using this tool for anything beyond the described scope is in violation of the tool. Whole Whale is not writing the results, the words generated do not reflect our company’s beliefs.

Want to learn more about the many uses AI can have for your organization? Check out our free-for-now course on AI:

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