Quiz: What’s your Social Media IQ?

With the social media landscape rapidly changing every year, every month, and seemingly every day, it can feel difficult to keep up. Which audiences are on which platform? Which platform is the most popular? Which platforms, post-types, and messaging actually drive measurable impact? Whether you’re already a social media maven or a total newbie, you can test your social media IQ below to see if you really know what the current trends and benchmarks are, plus how they should inform your strategy this year.

At the end of the quiz, you’ll be able to see your social media IQ, and access resources to increase or maintain your expertise (along with the answers to all of the questions).

After Google, what is the second most popular website in the world?

True or False: The majority of teens use Facebook

Which platform has a higher rate of engagement?

On average, what is the best day for brand accounts to post on Instagram?

Which type of media drives the most engagement on Facebook and Instagram?

What percent of consumers get purchasing inspiration from social networks?

Which platform is reported to be the most useful for social marketers to reach their goals?

What is the median engagement rate on Facebook posts for brand accounts?

What platform is the best at driving leads?

What type of social media content is shared most by users?