13+ Best Volunteer Management Software Tools


You already know where to look to recruit volunteers, but once you have them, how do you manage them? There are tons of tools and softwares out there to help you register, schedule, and communicate with your network of volunteers, and it can be hard to find one that’s right for your nonprofit’s needs.

Part of choosing the right tool can also be figuring out the best types of virtual volunteering ideas your organization can benefit from. These are our picks for the best volunteer management tools, no matter what your nonprofit needs. 


Time Counts offers solid volunteer management tools, including email communication, scheduling, and tracking. Listen to the podcast interview with Amand Rose, the founder of Time Counts.
Pricing: Free basic option, $40 for the most popular plan.

InIt Live

InIt Live is a volunteer management and communication tool that’s focused on events. If your nonprofit has a few big events per year, this might be the tool for you. Use InIt Live to send messages to specific volunteer roles or locations, individually message volunteers, and track volunteers throughout the event.
Pricing: starts at $300/event.


Volgistics looks pretty basic, but it allows organizations to register, schedule, manage, and communicate with volunteers. Keep records of current and past volunteers and communicate with them via email or SMS. Post your volunteer opportunities, register volunteers online, and keep a calendar of who will be doing what, when.
Pricing: depends on the size of your organization’s volunteer community, but starts at $9/month.


Vomo is a simple volunteer management tool created by nonprofit professionals. It allows scheduling, tracking, messaging and many add-ons to integrate with other tools.
Pricing: Starts at $69/month

Signup Genius

Signup Genius is, you guessed it, great for signing up volunteers. All you have to do is create customized templates and share with your community via email or social- the tool with collect registrations and send reminders. Pricing: ranges from a free basic version to $50/month.

Better Impact

Beyond registration and management, Better Impact lets nonprofits track and target volunteers with specific interests, traits, and ability.
Pricing: This tool is priced based on the number of accounts and volunteers.


Golden is an award-winning platform for both volunteer recruitment and management. Its services can be used to benefit nonprofits, companies, mutual aid organizations, schools, government organizations, and foundations, among others. You can learn more about Golden’s mission and its founder and CEO Sam Fankuchen on our podcast.

Pricing: The pricing for this tool depends on type of organization and number of users, but there is a free plan option for every org type.


Volunteer Tools Bundle

Build volunteer relationships, create new opportunities for existing supporters, and develop a donor pipeline. 


If you’re looking for a simple way to get people signed up and accounted for, then SignUp.com might work. Make a signup sheet, share with your networks, and the tool will register and send reminders to your volunteers for free.
Pricing: Free basic option, most popular is $24.99/month


This tool goes beyond volunteer management and includes donor management, fundraising and event management, and even website hosting. If your nonprofit wants an all-in-one tool, this is it.
Pricing: not listed and depends on tools used.

Track It Forward

Track It Forward lets volunteers track their own hours and offers instant reporting so nonprofits are in the know. It also serves as a social network where volunteers can publicly share and be recognized for their hours, which keeps volunteers motivated and feeling good.
Pricing: depends on size of volunteer network and ranges from free to $150/month.

Vome Volunteer

Vome Volunteer is a comprehensive end-to-end volunteer management system that covers recruitment, onboarding, scheduling, hour tracking, database management, and communications. Gives the option to invite volunteers to the platform where they can reserve shifts, participate in group chats and track their impact! The platform has a very user-friendly interface and offers a free mobile app available on both iOS and Android.

Pricing: You can sign up to Vome for free to use their complete applicant tracking system or upgrade to Vome Pro for the entire suite of features, starting at around $23/mo.


While not built specifically for volunteer management, Mobilize lets your organization create a network of volunteers and advocates that can communicate with your organization and each other.
Pricing: Nonprofit discount starts at $30/month.


Volunteer Hub covers recruitment, registration, management, and communication of volunteers. It also provides reports and insights for volunteer activity.
Pricing: starts at $829 per year.

Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital offers volunteer registration, scheduling and communication. It also reports impact and volunteer activity in real-time that you (or your proud volunteers) can share on social.
Pricing: not publicly listed.


VolunteerMark is one of the leading volunteer management tools/platforms, that helps the organizations to schedule events, communicate and track the volunteer hours. The tool ties organizations and volunteers to execute an event effectively. It allows the volunteers to self-register or even the organization coordinators can add/ assign the elderly volunteers who are not tech-savvy. Beyond scheduling, coordinators can send personalized emails to the specific group of volunteers. Features include simplified communication, recruitment and managing volunteers, easy check-in, check-out, pre-approval of volunteers, waitlist and many more.
Pricing: plans start at a free for 50 volunteer level.


PlanHero is a simple volunteer or group management tool that let’s organizations gather, register, schedule and message. The UX is clean and intuitive letting organizations get started quickly. Their Club tool is designed specifically for groups like 4-H and Scout programs.

Pricing: $5 to $12 per month depending on features.